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On-Demand Labor Produces Logistics And Manufacturing Success Stories

These studies featuring real Veryable users show how businesses have reduced costs, gained flexibility, and reduced lead times with on-demand labor.

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Courier Express

This regional logistics company met soaring demand during the pandemic.

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Manufacturing Success Story

This oil and gas company faced unpredictable demand and needed workers at all skill levels to keep up. Using Veryable, they met these demand spikes and addressed labor gaps throughout the year.

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eCommerce Success Story

This national eCommerce company needed a scalable way to find workers during demand spikes. Using Veryable, they found workers fast when they needed to and easily reduced headcount when demand returned to normal.

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Medical Supplier Success Story

This large medical supplier had a tough time maintaining enough workers to keep up with demand for products. Using Veryable, it found the workers it needed for growth while reducing overtime costs.

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