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Since launching with Veryable, Intertech’s production supervisors now have a flexibility unlike anything they had prior across all three shifts.

Demand is volatile with 40% of Intertech’s business being Tier 1 and OEM suppliers and Veryable has been instrumental in minimizing costs

Intertech Products Up-Skills Their Supervisors and Enables Their Community with Flexible Labor

Intertech Products, Inc. is a manufacturer serving the automotive, transportation and industrial packaging industries with core competencies centered around compression molding, die cutting, assembly, and extrusion coating/laminating. Located in a rural part of northern Indiana, the team relies heavily on their strong innovative culture to ensure timely and quality products to their customer base.

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Intertech Products Uses Veryable To Innovate And Solve Labor Constraints

Since launching with Veryable in July of 2022, Intertech’s production supervisors now have a flexibility unlike anything they had prior across all three shifts. With seven new product lines launching in 2023, Intertech’s team knows they have the ability to add additional projects to the mix without the fear of a labor bottleneck.

With 40% of Intertech’s business being services to Tier 1 and OEM suppliers, they experience significant swings in production schedules. Often running day-to-day scheduling, Veryable has been instrumental in lowering overall costs to help Intertech keep costs low for their customers.

“We have been upskilling our (production) supervisors on Veryable so it gives them ownership because they’re the ones who know the schedules, need additional people in, or when people are calling off has taken a lot off of our (HR) plate and we’re supporting them,” said Kathy Carney, HR Manager. “Overall, it’s helped build our relationships with our supervisors by using Veryable.”

Kathy and the team have been great advocates in their surrounding communities, “My thought on this whole process is it's been working for us and why wouldn't we want to communicate that process to other areas or other industries? So we've held meetings locally with Grow Wabash County.” Grow Wabash County is a combined chamber and economic development organization. You can read more about the work that Grow Wabash County is doing for their community here. “We've had meetings to try and roll some of that process out, to get people in the community involved with Veryable so all of us can work together to try and get our products out the door and to our customers. There’s nothing to lose, there’s no risk. Why wouldn’t you want to use Veryable if you can get operators in and not have to burden your full-time workforce.”

A Closer Look: Scaling with Demand

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