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We connect businesses to workers through our online marketplace, enabling a real-time approach to production. We give workers more options, and give flexibility and control to leaders on the shop floor.


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Our Mission

Our mission is to revitalize the American manufacturing sector by allowing businesses to “variablize” labor costs in small increments. This lets them increase costs only as their output increases, which will empower businesses to scale while maintaining a lower and more constant cost structure. 

We aim to achieve this through our technology, which enables us to transform an antiquated and inefficient labor market into a real-time marketplace for labor. This will put more people to work and relieve the burden on producers, improving overall productivity and enabling organic growth.

How We Started

Veryable was founded in 2017 by CEO Mike Kinder and CTO Noah Labhart to solve an impossible problem in manufacturing and logistics.

Mike had seen firsthand how difficult it is to maintain efficient production and match the workforce to the task at hand. He spent nearly a decade at GE in operations, and spent years in operations strategy consulting. When he worked in operations, rigidity in labor practices made his job harder because it made his employees' jobs harder. And as a consultant, he saw the effects this rigidity was having on his clients.

Noah had worked for nearly a decade in IT and supported manufacturing for four years, where he became intimately familiar with the shop floor and operations. He ran his own mobile development agency prior to Veryable.

So Mike and Noah combined their skills and experience to create an operational tool that puts control in the hands of the supervisors and managers who are on the shop floor.

They wanted to give flexibility to workers and businesses. They wanted to build a team that would revolutionize US manufacturing.

Who We Are

Today, Veryable is a team of 100+ employees. We are headquartered in Dallas, with offices across the nation, where we partner with nearby businesses to enhance their operations with our groundbreaking on-demand labor model.

What Makes Veryable Different

Our platform enables you to connect with workers fast so you can find labor when you need it — and only when you need it. Our vision for manufacturing is for businesses to match their labor to the work, not the other way around. This enables just-in-time response to demand and more efficient production.

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Who We've Worked With

We work with all kinds of companies, from multi-national corporations to family-owned businesses. If you're facing a problem, we've probably helped someone solve it before.

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