Ivy Tech Community College

Ivy Tech Community College, the largest singly accredited community college in the U.S., produces quality operators featured on Veryable's platform. Discover our Ivy Tech partnership benefits here.

Ivy Tech graduate operators are now highlighted within Veryable’s platform to help Indiana businesse choose the highest-quality operators for the job.

Progress In Motion: Ivy Tech Community College

“The goal isn’t graduation day. It’s a better every day after.” - Ivy Tech

Serving 19 campuses across Indiana, Ivy Tech Community College is the country’s largest singly accredited community college. Serving roughly 6,000 students, Ivy Tech is committed to setting students up for success long after they graduate. In effect of our recent partnership, Ivy Tech graduates serving as operators are now highlighted within Veryable’s platform to help Indiana businesses, and those in surrounding areas, choose the highest-quality operators for the job. Read on to learn more about Veryable’s partnership with Ivy Tech, and how students can continue to upskill by taking on new ops.

The Community At Large

It’s no secret that hands-on learning rivals college courses in nearly every field. Without exposure to real, on-the-job training, it can be tough to find new career opportunities no matter what your major or primary discipline is. A large number of Ivy Tech’s students seek certifications in advanced manufacturing automation and robotics. While there is a healthy space to learn and grow mindfully in this field within Ivy Tech’s walls, their partnership with Veryable provides students with the resources necessary to find success in the field of manufacturing.

A community college education helps non-traditional students seeking flexibility in their studies. Ivy Tech resonates with this mindset, offering several degrees and certification programs online. In the same vein, Veryable’s platform caters to a non-traditional philosophy, helping operators find work opportunities whenever their schedule allows.

Elkhart, Indiana is the RV capital of the world, in that more RVs are manufactured here than anywhere else. When Ivy Tech students working as operators use Veryable, they are exposed to a number of manufacturing positions. Whether their future goal is full-time work, or simply testing the waters in several different types of work, the Veryable platform allows the flexibility necessary for Ivy Tech students to succeed.

Identifiable Greatness

Ivy Tech students are educated by the finest minds Indiana has to offer. Students seeking education in technical fields are fortunate to experience both theoretical and hands-on practice in the classroom. Employers across Indiana are known to regularly seek out Ivy Tech students and graduates due to the high quality of their education. Veryable’s partnership with Ivy Tech allows operators to be identified by their Ivy Tech affiliation, so the business fulfilling their contract knows the quality of the operator at hand.

“I think it means something in our community to be an Ivy Tech student. I think our employers recognize that our students have skills, both technical skills and employability skills that they're looking for.” said Matt Presley Executive Director of Ivy + Career Link.

Beyond identifying these students, the Veryable platform is helpful in earning certifications in order to upskill and gain resume builders. “The opportunity to offer training like certified production technician to operators across the state through the platform is again, I think something that supports our mission as a college to upskill our workforce, not just in South Bend and Elkhart, but across our state” said Presely.

“We know that our students are being identified through the Ivy Tech badge. We know that's something that our employers value, and we know that we're delivering on the type of training that our employers need. And so when we make those connections for our students, we're benefiting our students. We're certainly benefiting our employers. And I think our community is stronger in the end because of the platform that we have here” said Presely.

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