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Mack Tool & Engineering was struggling to find skilled labor to help create parts for medical and aerospace industry. Then, they met Veryable.

Veryable has helped Mack Tool create a process that provides the labor they need, while helping operators upskill and become skilled manufacturers.

The New Way: Mack Tool Case Study

Specific careers come with a pre-established level of decorum– a doctor, a pilot, or a general. These titles require no further explanation– just a “thank you”, in some cases. But an often overlooked fact is that although these positions command respect, the innovation driving their industries forward is how they continue to thrive at all. Without the inventive industrial design process, laborious engineering, and skilled manufacturing involved in the equipment behind the most astute fields of work, they’d cease to exist.

Mack Tool and Engineering specializes in creating parts for the medical and aerospace industries using skilled labor. On the outside, their processes may seem to coincide with those of any other manufacturer, but at their core, they are dedicated to excellence. As unseen as medical and aerospace equipment may be to the average person, each piece of machinery requires manufacturing with utmost attention to detail. If quality is sacrificed, lives are at stake.

Committed to a job well done, Mack Tool seeks operators they can train from the ground up to ensure quality is always maintained. In recent days, finding skilled labor has been tough for the Mack Tool team. With the help of Veryable, they have been able to create a process that provides the labor they need, while helping operators upskill and become skilled manufacturers.

On Their Own Terms

On-demand labor provides a solution for manufacturing professionals to seek freedom from the 9-5 lifestyle. Whether in school, working other jobs, raising children, or any other circumstance, on-demand labor helps keep the opportunity for learning the ins and outs of a skilled position alive.

Mack Tool offers a unique opportunity for operators. Their manufactured wares, along with the hands creating them, are highly specialized. While a day-one manufacturer may not be able to jump into a highly-skilled role without training, they are still able to work alongside those who have dedicated years to their craft, therefore learning from the best in the industry. “That takes a lot of weight off of our skilled, full-time employees,” said Mickey Raynlha, Mack Tool’s Business Manager. “If they don't have to stop and do criteria checks on every part that comes out, then they're able to produce more parts in the machine”.

Many operators seek out ops using Veryable specifically to pave a new way for themselves. The old way of doing things called for spending years and thousands of dollars on higher education just to be able to earn a liveable wage. Now, a career in manufacturing creates the opportunity to learn while making a living, and there’s no better place to start than Mack Tool.

Onward and Upward

With a labor pool of over 20 operators, Mack Tool regularly relies on Veryable to fill daily needs, whether skilled or easily trained.

“With the operations that we have for Veryable, we always start people out on the ground,” said Eli Campbell, Mack Tool Plant Manager. This method has given operators a chance to join Mack Tools’ Labor Pool, and proceed to pick up ops that span all across the shop floor. At this time, these operators are becoming more and more familiar with the entirety of the Mack Tool landscape, upskilling as they go.

In the case of more skilled work, Mack Tool has been able to supply experienced and local manufacturing pros with work away from their home shops when work is slow, benefiting both parties.

Using Veryable, Mack Tool has been able to find operators with a wide range of skill sets. This is more than just a pair of hands, but people in their community that can be relied on-- that want to work hard. Even if their skills aren't needed on an entirely full-time basis, they are still able to dedicate their work ethic to a respectable profession. Thanks to Mack Tool, life-saving tools are made.

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