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Scentsational boosted growth with Veryable, reacting nimbly to fluctuating demand.

Flexibility Fuels Success: How Veryable Empowered Scentsational Soaps & Candles to increase productivity, reduce costs, and seize new opportunities

Flexibility Fuels Success: How Veryable Empowered Scentsational Soaps & Candles

Adaptability & flexibility is the key to thriving in manufacturing, especially in the competitive space our partner operates in: manufacturing candles. And a lot of them.

For over two decades, Scentsational Soaps & Candles has been an unwavering pillar of the candle manufacturing industry. Founded as a family-owned venture in Venice, FL, they have become synonymous with exceptional craftsmanship. Renowned for their own distinguished brand and esteemed private label partnerships with leading retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, and local boutiques, Scentsational Soaps & Candles has established a sterling reputation within the industry.

In the midst of 2022, recognizing the imperative of swift and agile labor management, they sought a solution that would enable them to proactively respond to evolving demands while nurturing sustainable growth. This is how Scentsational found their ally in Veryable.

Driving Success with Speed, Agility & Quality

Navigating the unpredictable terrain of fluctuating buying patterns, Scentsational recognized the indispensable need for swift responsiveness in order to maintain their competitive edge. Faced with the reality of prolonged onboarding processes and a lack of flexibility, their pursuit of a solution led them to the doorstep of Veryable. "Buying patterns can be unpredictable, so we need to have the option to ramp up production quickly. On-boarding can take weeks to get folks in here and we didn't have that flexibility before Veryable. We have a 10-day lead time with our largest manufacturer. It's critical we react fast with our labor", says JaNeice Cranmer, President of Scentsational.

Scentsational swiftly embraced the formidable power of their Labor Pool, harnessed through their partnership with Veryable. This revolutionary approach allowed them to flawlessly synchronize their labor capacity with the dynamic ebbs and flows of customer orders, particularly during the intensities of their busiest periods. The strategic utilization of their Labor Pool enabled Scentsational to seamlessly scale their workforce up or down as needed, amplifying their agility and bolstering their capacity for unparalleled customer-centric production.

Aiming for long-term prosperity, Scentsational recognized the profound significance of nurturing a robust labor pool. As Cranmer observes, "Developing a labor pool is really important in the long-term, because you can then take the folks you know, their skill-sets and post for that exact skill type knowing I have individuals I know and trust coming in the door."

Driven by an unwavering commitment to exceed customer expectations in terms of both quality and efficiency, the Scentsational team relentlessly pursued excellence. Through the strategic implementation of Veryable, their efforts yielded remarkable results. Cranmer proudly asserts, "Since implementing Veryable, we were able to increase productivity by 28% and 3X our Quality Control, all while seeing a 15% reduction in labor costs as a percentage of sales."

Empowering Growth and Strategic Vision

The integration of Veryable into Scentsational's operational strategy has yielded transformative outcomes, affording their managers the opportunity to envision a grander future. As expressed by Cranmer, "Incorporating Veryable into our strategy allows our managers to take a step back and have a bigger, broader sight coming down the line." This approach not only propels the business forward but also paves the way for continued expansion.

The remarkable accomplishments of Scentsational over the past year serve as a testament to the power of their Labor Pool. Cranmer proudly shares, "This past year, Scentsational was able to successfully onboard a new customer that placed 1.2 million units in just 6 months. We would not have been able to take on that customer without our Labor Pool." This resounding success underscores the pivotal role played by Veryable's flexible on-demand labor strategy, enabling Scentsational to seize new opportunities and expand their customer base with efficiency and confidence.

As Scentsational continues to leverage the benefits of Veryable's innovative approach, their team remains steadfastly equipped to embrace new horizons while upholding unwavering standards of productivity, cost-efficiency, and product quality. This harmonious synergy not only propels the business towards unprecedented heights but also fosters a culture of morale and fulfillment among their full-time team.

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