Since 2019, RTIC has leveraged Veryable's on-demand labor to meet quality standards and deadlines effortlessly, even at peak times.

Since 2019, RTIC has utilized the help of on-demand operators using Veryable to uphold their standard of quality and deliver on time year round.

Customized & Just-In-Time: RTIC Case Study

When speed, agility, and accuracy are the key ingredients to maintaining your customers' happiness, you better make sure you have the right hands on deck to deliver. Since 2019, RTIC has utilized the help of on-demand operators using Veryable to uphold their standard of quality. From B2B to DTC, the use of flexible on-demand labor has helped RTIC’s team deliver on time, even during their busiest seasons. Read on to learn more about how RTIC took their operations from spread-thin to efficient with the help of their Labor Pool.

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Dynamic, Efficient, Flexible

RTIC’s in-house “Custom Shop” services B2B orders placed in bulk. With Veryable, orders can be consistently sent out on time when demand hits unexpected highs.

“As we grow in the short term, it's all about becoming more efficient in our operations and continuing to scale those operations so that we can satisfy that customer demand in the future,” said Chris Chelko, Custom Shop president. “Within the custom shop, we have orders that range from a single case of drinkware up to 10,000 plus pieces. And so between the demand and the timing of those orders, it isn't always super smooth. Veryable helps us scale our workforce to match our demand. So when we know we've got that coming, we can go ahead and plan a little bit in advance and get the right folks in here who can help us out and help us work through our processes to meet our customer timelines.”

The RTIC team has gone above and beyond to meet the needs of their customers, in quality and timing. Their dedication to efficiency extends to the B2B space, where they maintain the industry-leading turnaround time their business community has come to expect. “One of our key value propositions beyond our great pricing and great quality is our quick turnaround time. So we strive in our custom shop to maintain a 7 to 10-day turnaround time,” said Chelko. “When I get on the phone with new customers, they have six to eight weeks of turnaround time. I say, “I can get it to you in two weeks”. And that's really an important differentiator. It comes with its downsides, right? We're a little bit more subject to peaks and valleys in demand because we are not maintaining a six or eight-week-long backlog. But Veryable helps us there, too.”

As customization capabilities within RTIC have grown, so has the need for capable hands. "Before we were using Veryable, we were just having to bring people on full-time. A lot of the time you don't get to see somebody's potential or work habits until they've been there for a while. It's a little bit harder to just let them go if they're not working out. With Veryable, it makes it easy to pick and choose who best fits and keep them around as long as we can." said Alex Martinez, Custom Shop's Director of Operations.

For You, By You

Right off the heels of RTIC’s B2B Custom Shop, MyRTIC was created to bring custom to the individual consumer. “Since it was a brand new process, we didn't really have anyone trained on that process. We had about five or six Veryable operators that came in and we were able to give them specific training for that task. Without Veryable operators, we wouldn't have been able to really do that because we can't just start a new process and dedicate full-time labor because they're already working in their designated areas in the company. [Veryable] was vital to that operation getting off the ground.” said Jared Murphy, Custom Shop Innovation Engineer.

Following the intro of MyRTIC, Custom Shop’s team was seeing a notable increase in individual custom orders. To handle the demand, a new Veryable business account was launched to handle MyRTIC business entirely. Luckily, implementing and organizing this new Labor Pool came naturally: “When the volume is really high, we get a lot of [new operators] and we're really able to evaluate performance. Based on that performance, we can add specific tags to people's profiles. Once you add that tag to that profile, we can go through and select the particular players we need, and things work out really well from there.” said Jason Kichamu, RTIC Operations Manager.

With full Labor Pools, RTIC regularly tackles demand day by day– and sometimes, after a day has already started. “You never really know when you come into your day 100% what it’s going to look like production-wise,” said Murphy. With over three years of experience using Veryable for their on-demand labor needs, RTIC has consistently set the standard of excellence for their communities, whether they be B2B or DTC. In the future, RTIC plans to continue to utilize Veryable operators as they scale up their custom product offerings.

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