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UPG was looking for an innovative way to maintain the ebbs and flows of production and retain their position as the best plastic molding OEM manufacturer of choice. Then they met Veryable.

United Plastics Group Gains Efficiency and Flexibility to Meet Daily Demand through the use of supplemental on-demand labor

United Plastics Group Gains Efficiency and  Flexibility to Meet Daily Demand

United Plastics Group is a full-service manufacturer that specialized in providing plastic injection molding services to various industries such as medical, automotive, electronics, consumer products, and more. UPG was looking for an innovative way to maintain the ebbs and flows of production and retain their position as the best plastic molding OEM manufacturer of choice. Then they met Veryable.

Since September of 2022, UPG has utilized Veryable to build a flexible extension of their full-time workforce that they can deploy on an as needed basis across three production shifts. They rely on Veryable’s daily agility to meet customer expectations in a challenging market where delivery timing, customization, and cost are paramount. Read on to learn more about how UPG utilized Veryable’s labor pool model to operate more efficiently.

*some quotes have been altered slightly to enhance clarity

Embrace Change With A New “Just-In-Time” Solution

UPG had a lot of uncertainty in the way they were doing things…they needed a change…a just-in-time change…they needed a new paradigm.

On-demand labor gives organizations the ability to build a reliable extension to their workforce. It eliminates the old traditional way of doing things and gives a new concept of meeting customer demand by increasing operational agility. “Change is always unique in that sometimes you embrace it and sometimes you’re scared of it,” said Chris Akins, UPG HR Manager. “We were perplexed with where things were at, and when we were introduced to Veryable, it seemed like a great concept and a good platform, and we’ve liked it.”

“It has always been a burden for us filling positions with that want to return steadily and want to work full-time,” said Sandy Cooks, UPG Plant Manager. “We have always used the traditional temp labor strategy.”

“We like the fact that operators were rated by past opportunities,” said Akins. "Having a rating attached to them working gives them some skin in the game, as opposed to just a regular traditional staffing agency. As we got operators in that we like and were showing up with constant production, obviously that goes a long way.”

“Veryable takes more time assisting UPG than the other agencies,” said Cooks. Veryable’s team makes things easier, by giving operational advice and posting strategies.

Real Time Flexibility With A Veryable Labor Pool

Having a flexible workforce solution makes things easier for operation leaders to plan their productions schedule. Giving them the ability to move operators anywhere within their production facility to eliminate bottlenecks and unnecessary over time.

United Plastics Group works closely with its customers’ unique needs and to ensure on-time delivery is achieved. With Veryable, UPG is able to up-skill operators through their production facility to keep machines running and meet daily demands.

“As operators come in and spend more time in our production facility, they are able to learn different positions,” said Akins. “They may be on this machine today, tomorrow they may be on a different machine and it’s a win-win. When having a sudden increase in production and being able to bring in operators’ day-to-day, we don’t have to continuously train new people on a daily basis, they’ve already been there, they’ve already done that, they’ve been through the training.”

"Skilled workers and people that care about the quality of product they are producing is a big issue” said Cook. "Trying to find the people that want to work full time has been tough." With Veryable’s on-demand marketplace, UPG has been able scale 1:1 to meet demand in a matter of hours.

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