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Connecting Businesses to Skilled Labor: The Veryable Advantage

Shane Stewart
January 11, 2024
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The journey of finding highly skilled operators can be a daunting task, especially for small businesses. When a need arises for skilled labor, companies often struggle to find reliable, skilled workers that can deliver quality work. However, with the help of Veryable, the task can be made seamless. For this blog post, we will delve into the successes of several companies that have partnered with Veryable to find highly skilled operators for their needs. We will explore just how effective Veryable is in matching businesses to the right workers.

The Success of Mack Tool and Engineering

Mack Tool and Engineering is a company that provides parts for the medical and aerospace industries using skilled labor. The company has found success in partnering with Veryable to get the labor they need while helping operators upskill and become skilled manufacturers. Veryable provides an opportunity for operators to work alongside experienced manufacturers and learn from them, creating a unique opportunity for workers to advance their skills. Mack Tool regularly uses Veryable to fulfill their daily labor needs with highly skilled workers. This collaboration has brought tremendous success, from the quality of the products to the benefits accrued from upskilled operators who have become skilled manufacturers.

LSO (Lone Star Overnight) Increasing Productivity

LSO (Lone Star Overnight), like many businesses, faced an increase in demand for its services and struggled to keep up with its workers. The company partnered with Veryable to find on-demand workers based on their productivity needs in real time. As a result, LSO has been able to increase its productivity, regularly reaching its productivity goals. Veryable's labor pool has been a game-changer for LSO, enabling them to bring in highly skilled workers when required and improve their output rate almost instantly.

Efficiency Boost at Scentsational Soaps & Candles

Scentsational Soaps & Candles is another business that recognized the need for flexibility in labor management. The company partnered with Veryable to seamlessly scale their workforce up or down as needed. The result has been increased productivity, 3X the quality control, and a 15% reduction in labor costs. The company was able to reduce overheads by operating on a just-in-time basis, matching their costs to their production.

United Plastics Group (UPG) Achieving Cost Savings

United Plastics Group (UPG) was able to achieve drastic cost savings and enhance productivity by utilizing Veryable's labor pool. UPG considers their relationship with Veryable to be an extension of their full-time workforce, which enables them to respond to market demands quickly. UPG has been able to meet their customers' expectations by relying on Veryable's every-day agility.

How ShineOn Managed Seasonal Fluctuations

ShineOn is a custom jewelry manufacturer that faces seasonal fluctuations in customer demand, and like many businesses in this situation, they struggle with finding highly skilled operators when required. The company decided to partner with Veryable, creating an on-demand labor pool. The results speak volumes: ShineOn was able to ramp up and down production based on customer orders, fulfilling orders within 1-3 days of placement. The company has reduced overtime costs, achieving a nearly $300,000 year-over-year savings. They have enjoyed a 15% reduction in labor costs while keeping their productivity rate high.

The Positive Impact of Veryable on the Manufacturing Industry

Finding highly skilled operators can be a tricky and sometimes insurmountable task for businesses in the manufacturing industry. However, with the aid of Veryable, companies can find highly skilled workers with ease, regardless of workload or volume. We have highlighted the successes of Mack Tool and Engineering, LSO (Lone Star Overnight), Scentsational Soaps & Candles, United Plastics Group (UPG), and ShineOn, businesses that have partnered with Veryable and have witnessed increased productivity and cost savings as a result. By partnering with Veryable, businesses can overhaul their operations and embrace a new way of working that celebrates worker progress, and brings them long-term gains.

For a more in-depth look into each case, access the full case studies here:

Lone Star Overnight

Mack Tool and Engineering

Scentsational Soaps & Candles

United Plastics Group


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