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Balancing Growth and Profitability: How Veryable Paves the Way

Shane Stewart
January 11, 2024
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One of the challenges in running a manufacturing or distribution business is in achieving sustainable growth, which is especially difficult with the old-fashioned method of planning your operations and headcount based on averages.

Let's say your business just acquired a new customer, which will certainly require extra hands to handle the additional volume without hurting service to existing customers. But what if this additional volume increase isn't really enough to warrant hiring more full-timers, or if the increase in business is just seasonal? Sure you could use overtime to get more out of your existing full-time workers and potentially run them into the ground until they quit, and you could also hire more workers or source through a staffing agency and have to watch them stand around with nothing to do on your slow days and eat away margins. But In either case, whether relying on mandatory overtime or bringing in additional workers that you won't need every day, you are increasing your labor cost per unit to the point where it's no longer sustainable growth. If you hired more workers for a temporary demand increase and then had to lay them off after, that's a ton of wasted money and time that went into recruiting, screening, hiring, and training them. Having to replace valued full-time employees that got burned out and quit is costly as well.

Thankfully, Veryable's on-demand labor marketplace, helps businesses overcome this challenges by providing immediate access to skilled and vetted workers, without the long term commitments or administrative burdens associated with staffing agencies or direct hiring. In this blog post, we will explore how Veryable's flexible capacity and the concept of an on-demand labor pool has enabled companies like PhoLicious, Scentsational Soaps & Candles, The Folde, RTIC, and ShineOn to take on new business while simultaneously lowering costs, improving service levels to existing customers, and reducing overtime reliance.

Leveraging Flexible Capacity for Unpredictable Demand: PhoLicious

PhoLicious, a manufacturer and distributor of authentic Pho entered the e-comm space in May 2021. After securing launches with two of the worlds largest chains, founders Joseph and Anh were crunched for time and not sure where to turn as they were sick of the problems associated with using temp labor and unwilling to hire more workers that they would probably just have to layoff after. After meeting with the Veryable team, PhoLicious began building and leveraging an on-demand labor pool which allowed them to rapidly scale up at a moments notice to fulfill large orders with short turnaround times to meet customer expectations. This has allowed PhoLicious to focus on growing their business without the need to run the endless hiring cycle, saving them time and money in the process.

Leveraging Flexible Capacity to Expand Customer Base: Scentsational Soaps & Candles

Scentsational Soaps & Candles, a leading producer of handcrafted bath and body products, encountered the challenge of meeting the fluctuating demands of its expanding customer base. The company needed to rapidly scale their production to cater to the varying demands of new customers in a cost effective manner and Veryable's flexible capacity came to the rescue. By tapping into the on-demand labor marketplace and building their on-demand labor pool, Scentsational was able to quickly ramp up their production, ensuring timely delivery of their high-quality, artisanal products. This agile response to new customer demands not only boosted their market reputation, but also allowed them to take on new business and cut costs without sacrificing their promises to existing customers.

Overcoming Labor Constraints To Achieve Sustainable Growth: The Folde

The Folde, a laundry delivery service, had been operating for five years and wanted to continue growing, but despite their best efforts, labor constraints kept the team from retaining customers because customer support issues began piling up. They needed a way to maintain full utilization while addressing seasonality in a cost-efficient way (i.e. without working insane overtime hours). By building their on-demand labor pool, The Folde became instantly scalable and was able to maintain full utilization without burning out its managers and employees.With the confidence to handle a higher workload, The Folde team was able to resume their marketing initiatives and actively pursue new customer opportunities without the fear of labor constraints.

Enhancing Efficiency To Exceed Customer Expectations: RTIC

RTIC’s in-house “Custom Shop” services B2B orders placed in bulk, and as demand for RTIC's customized products has grown, so has the need for capable hands. By leveraging Veryable's flexible labor model, RTIC is able to scale production at a moments notice to maintain their industry best turnaround times. Now, RTIC can tackle demand day by day– and sometimes, after a day has already started. In the future, RTIC plans to use Veryable operators as they scale up their custom offerings.

Scaling Production In Real-Time While Minimizing Costs: ShineOn

ShineOn, a custom jewelry manufacturer, faced challenges due drastic seasonal fluctuations in customer demand. This made it difficult to minimize labor expenses while meeting customer promises on-time. By building an on-demand labor pool, ShineOn was able to find extra hands with the exact specialized skills they are looking for and only for the precise time windows when their expertise was required. In doing so, ShineOn has been able to maintain their promises lead times to customers, and achieve significant growth while also achieving a significant reduction in overtime expenditures and overall labor costs.

The Power of Veryable's On-Demand Labor Marketplace

By connecting businesses with skilled and vetted workers only when they are needed, Veryable's on-demand labor marketplace empowers businesses to knock out projects, take on new customers, and delight their customers day in and day out without the need for mandatory overtime or emergency hiring sprees.

PhoLicious, Scentsational Soaps & Candles, The Folde, RTIC, and ShineOn are just a few of the thousands of companies that have leveraged Veryable's on-demand labor to overcome their unique challenges and achieve sustainable growth while minimizing costs.

To learn more about how these businesses are leveraging on-demand labor to reach new levels of efficiency and gain a competitive edge, click the links below.

Here are the links to the case studies mentioned in the blog post:

PhoLicious Case Study

Scentsational Soaps & Candles Case Study

The Folde Case Study

RTIC Case Study

ShineOn Case Study

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Shane Stewart

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