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What to Expect After Posting Your Op

Veryable Editorial Team
May 21, 2021
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You’ve heard how easy it is to post an Op on Veryable, but it’s obvious that your involvement with the platform doesn’t end there. So what comes next when you’re using an on-demand labor platform? At Veryable, we’ve walked hundreds of businesses through the process of posting Ops, accepting bids, and managing their labor pool so they can take charge of their on-demand labor implementation.

In this article, you’ll learn what to expect after posting your Op on Veryable, so you can be fully prepared to start using on-demand labor.


Accepting Bids

After you post your first Op, you will need to get back into the business portal and accept bids from the Operators who want to work with you. Most businesses receive bids within hours (if not minutes) of when they post, and it’s generally best to accept bids soon after they are placed. Bid acceptance is the stage where you get to choose who you’ll work with. Start by reviewing the information on each Operator in the business portal. It’s important to note each Operator’s proximity to your location. Beyond that, you can see their reliability rating, work skills, and performance ratings from companies they’ve worked with in the past.


Meeting Operators at the rally point

In your Op posting, you should have described a rally point for Operators to meet you at. When the day of the Op comes, be prepared to meet the Operators at the rally point or have a supervisor there to ensure they know how to get started and what you expect from them. This is also important because you are responsible for keeping up with Operators to the extent that you would like to track their productivity or time spent working.


Rating Operators

After the Operators complete the work, you must rate each of them on a few factors: proficiency, safety, attitude, and timeliness. This must be done within 24 hours of the end of the Op. You will not be able to accept bids on other Ops until you have finished rating Operators for previous Ops. This is important to maintaining the meritocracy of the platform through our rating and review system, which ensures you can trust the ratings given to Operators.


Making adjustments as needed

You might have to make adjustments after an Op, such as recording the actual amount of work completed so that compensation is accurate. These adjustments are best made as soon as you can make them after the Op is complete. In the case of a no show or an Operator leaving without warning, you should dispute their work. This means you can tell us through the platform that the Operator did not complete the work they agreed to, and we will investigate the issue to make sure you aren’t paying for work that wasn’t done. You can learn more about this on our blog about what to do in the case of a bad fit.


Ready to get started?

That’s all you need to know about what comes after posting your first Op on Veryable. To get started now, just create your free business profile. If you’ve already signed up, log into your business portal and post today.

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Veryable Editorial Team

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