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What to Do if an Operator is a Bad Fit?

Laura Acevedo
April 14, 2021
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In a perfect world, each Operator you accept will be exactly who you need to support your Operations. While there are thousands of great, highly skilled, and reliable Operators working on the Veryable platform, you might encounter some others that are not a great fit at your business. Operator reliability and performance ratings provide insight on whether an Operator can perform the work you posted for. However, you can’t know for certain how the Operator will perform until they show up and start working. We are often asked, “What do I do if an Operator is not a good fit?” There are a few things we tell people in this case, and our platform provides ways to take immediate action if an Operator is not performing to your expectations. 

In this article, you will learn some of the most common reasons Operators might be a bad fit, and what to do in the event that you find yourself in one of these situations. This way, you can successfully keep building your labor pool of great Operators. 


What to do if an Operator is a bad fit for the work

Operators are advised to bid only on Ops that they know they can complete. If you’re immediately aware that an Operator won’t be able to perform the work described in the Op, you can ask them to leave and dispute their work in your business portal right away. If, for example, an Operator can’t lift the amount of weight stated on the Op description as a requirement for the work, you may inform the Operator that he or she is not fit for the work. One way to give yourself the best chance of this not happening is to always add as much detail in the Op description. This way Operators bidding are aware of these types of requirements before they show up.


What to do if an Operator leaves early or without warning

Walk-offs are not tolerated on the Veryable platform. We understand that there are life circumstances that are out of everyone’s control, so if an Operator communicates appropriately that they have to leave early due to an unforeseen circumstance, you can choose to adjust their time accordingly. However, if an Operator leaves without notice, you should dispute their work. This means you can tell us through the platform that the Operator did not complete the work they agreed to, and we will investigate the issue to make sure you aren’t paying for work that wasn’t done. It’s the same as how you wouldn’t pay a plumber that comes into your house, disassembles your pipes, and then leaves mid-job. Through the “Dispute & Backfill” feature, you can report an absent Operator (or other situations requiring a dispute) and re-post the Op instantly to the marketplace, allowing you to fill the spot again quickly with another Operator.


What to do if the Operator worked, but didn’t meet your expectations

Sometimes, Operators might simply not be the best fit for your business even after they completed the work. These situations are mostly due to performance or productivity issues. In this situation, you can rate the Operator and choose not to accept them for your Ops again. On our platform, you have three areas to rate Operators on: Safety, Attitude, and Quality & Proficiency. When an Operator does not meet your expectations, make sure to rate them accordingly. They might have had a good attitude but not the best quality of work, or maybe they were just inefficient. It is best to consider each factor before giving a rating. Rating the Operators accurately makes them aware of where they need to improve, and keeps you and all other businesses on the platform in the loop about what kind of performance to expect from the Operator.


How to attract the best Operators

All this talk about what to do in the case of a bad fit might have you wondering how to avoid getting a bad fit in the first place. We analyzed the data from our platform and found that the following actions will result in better bidding activity from highly rated, reliable Operators.


Clear Op descriptions

The best Operators want to be aligned with what the business expectations are from the start. Make sure to post detailed Op descriptions that ensure unprepared Operators steer clear from bidding, but also, that Operators know what type of work they’re signing up for. Ambiguous descriptions rarely get interest from great Operators.


Good pay

Highly rated Operators will receive multiple invitations to bid from different businesses on our platform. To keep your offer rates competitive so that you can get the best Operators to bid, you can visit the market rates section within the Performance tab on your portal.

There you will see what the average rates are within your market for a particular skill. Great Operators will know what their time is worth, so make sure to check that data before deciding what your offer rate will be.


Consistency in building your labor pool

When you find great Operators, make sure to add them to your labor pool. Cycling through new Operators consistently and adding them to your labor pool will ensure that once you have it set up, the work will get done effectively and efficiently.

Your labor pool needs to be tended to periodically, because Operators will sometimes become inactive for certain periods of time. Making sure to always keep adding new ones to your labor pool will allow you to consistently scale up with active Operators when you need to.


Where to find support when you need it

We strive to make the platform as easy to use as possible, so that you can handle everything on the fly; however, the local Veryable teams are available to help you whenever you need us! You can find your local team’s information on the Contact Us section, and you can reach out through our Business support or Operator support lines. You can also use the “Support” widget on your portal to chat with us when you need to.

If you're not so sure about building your labor pool now that you've had a bad experience with an Operator, read our case study of an eCommerce company that was persistent in their pursuit of a labor pool and saw it pay off in a big way.

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Laura Acevedo

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