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Will Veryable Workers Impact Safety in My Workplace?

Veryable Editorial Team
February 24, 2021
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The safety of the people working in your building is a top priority. You’ve probably spent considerable time and money ensuring that your operations are safe and accident rates stay as low as possible. So it’s natural that you’d be concerned about safety when bringing in people you haven’t worked with before.

At Veryable, we work with companies every day that bring in workers from our on-demand platform and have no safety issues from these workers. We understand that there is always a risk when bringing someone new into your building, so that’s why we do our part to build trust between businesses and reliable workers on the platform. It’s a priority for us to do whatever we can through our platform to ensure safe workers can find safe places to work. 

In this article, you will learn how Veryable promotes safety in the workplace.


Why are Veryable workers safe?

The efforts we take to ensure Operators (how we refer to Veryable workers) who use the platform are safe include background checks, removing unsafe workers, and maintaining a transparent rating system. All Operators are covered by a comprehensive Operator Accident Injury policy.

Despite thousands of Operators using the platform to work millions of hours on Ops (work opportunities), there have only been a small number of injuries since the launch of our platform.

Beyond that, a business has never had to pay for any Operator injury expenses. 

There are a few reasons for this, some of which are due to actions on our part and others due to the natural behavior of people working in new facilities.

Behavioral psychology has found that being in a new environment increases a person’s environmental awareness. This is related to basic human instincts that keep us safe when we aren’t sure what to expect. The heightened awareness from being in a new environment contributes to the safety of workers who are in a new facility for the first few times. This is opposed to the “autopilot mode” that many workers can succumb to if they have been doing the same thing in the same place for a long time. 

In addition to the natural cautious response prompted by being in an unfamiliar environment, we believe the following safeguards we’ve implemented have a big impact on the safety of workers using the Veryable platform. We’ll go into detail on those measures next.


Background checks

To be accepted for Ops through the Veryable app, Operators first must pass a background check. This is how Veryable screens Operators to ensure safety from the start.

The background check includes a county, state, national, and federal criminal records check, as well as a sex offender registry check. The background check also includes validation of the Operator’s Social Security Number, which is used to determine which jurisdictions to search for court records.

If anything is flagged for review on the background check, Veryable employees review the background check thoroughly to confirm there are no mistakes and then make an informed decision about whether or not to allow the Operator on the platform.


Removal of unsafe workers

If an Operator is involved in a safety incident or is behaving in a way that endangers themselves or other workers at a business, we have the option to temporarily suspend their account or remove them from the platform entirely.

By removing unsafe workers from the platform, we make it clear that we will not tolerate unsafe behavior and that safety is our priority for Operators and anyone in your company working near Operators.


Rating system

One of the most important aspects of the platform is the rating and review system. Businesses rate Operators after every Op on their safety, as well as their proficiency, attitude, and timeliness. This is all factored into a reliability rating given to each Operator that changes dynamically as they work on the platform.

This rating system gives businesses insight into the reliability of Operators, and incentivizes workers to perform well and work safely. A bad rating would impact their prospects in the future, so they have a strong motive to be safe and perform well.


How to find proven workers on Veryable

If you are hesitant to bring in new workers, you can always choose from Operators on Veryable who have a high rating on safety and reliability.

When a business leaves a review based on their experience with a Veryable worker, you get to see what they really thought of that person’s time at the company. This is superior to a resume, where the worker is in charge of what shows up. They can leave out important details or even entire chunks of their work history to make their story look more appealing. 

With reviews left by businesses, the worker cannot sugarcoat the story told by their work history. Businesses can see more information about the worker that’s based solely on the impression they left with other companies in the past.

Because every business rates each Operator through our rating and review system, you have an authoritative record of that worker's performance on the platform. Read this article on the benefits of a rating and review system for on-demand marketplaces to see how this system incentivizes workers to be reliable.

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Veryable Editorial Team

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