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What To Expect From Logistics in 2023

Veryable Editorial Team
December 13, 2022
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The end of the year is quickly approaching. With it, seasonal sales and shopping are at an all-year high, and therefore, so is fulfillment. Let’s take a look at some of the trends we’ve seen throughout the year, and we expect to continue into 2023:


Direct To Consumer Fulfillment

As time goes on, malls and retail stores are becoming more and more like relics of the past. With the rise of e-commerce shopping, now more than ever, traditional retail jobs are being replaced by needs for fulfillment and operations professionals. 

Back in “the day” (circa 2019), you could shop online and have the choice of paying extra for the convenience of having your purchase shipped straight to your house, or having it shipped to the nearest store for free. Today, the opposite has happened, and now order minimums for in-store fulfillment are becoming more prevalent.

Now is the time to make the case for modernizing your operations, no matter how small. Shops appearing on social media sites like Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook are making quick work of rivaling and (eventually) replacing the in-person retail experience altogether.


Demand for 3PLs

So, if there’s no in-person experience to cater to, why should there be a back-of-house fulfillment center or statically located warehouses at all? 3PLs cater to a nomadic logistical mindset, as more communities can be served when a wide net is cast. This leaves companies to employ the services of many 3PLs in various locations rather than taking care of fulfillment themselves in one spot. This means faster shipping and higher customer satisfaction and retention rates over time.

As we see a higher rate of mergers and acquisitions taking place, this means consolidated logistics between brands. 3PLs will continue to be useful in these deals, as they can create more efficient logistics as companies transition and decide what their operations will look like in the future.


Tech-Forward Operations

Trends in modern manufacturing have opened the doors to hands-on training for operators seeking opportunities to upskill, and now logistics offers the same. Whether seen in AI, employee training, or traditional tasks like picking and packing, there’s never been a more tech-focused time in the world of warehousing.

The same can be said for a heavy emphasis on data in the operations space. With a laser focus on customer behaviors and feedback, the logistical landscape is directly impacted when it comes to rising expectations around speedy shipping times and direct communication.



Modernized Labor

The rebranding of the 9-5 mindset has stuck around since 2020. Similar notions have taken hold of in-person positions in warehouses. With uncertainty around demand, economic decline, and the cultural shift of the average American worker, an independent contractor workforce is sweeping the nation. While tech is making a name for itself in day-to-day operations, the same is true for how businesses are finding operators.

Using on-demand labor provides businesses with a solution they can still afford when the economy forces less demand. On-demand labor is a scalable solution, so operators can be there when the need arises, and seek other work opportunities when the need runs out. Using platforms like Veryable to find skilled operators on-demand, businesses are embracing a flexible workforce more and more every day.


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Veryable Editorial Team

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