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The American Dream, On-Demand

Veryable Editorial Team
November 22, 2022
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“The American Dream” had to come from somewhere, right? If you’re keen on American history, you’re aware of the blood, sweat, and tears that went into the creation of America’s “more to life” mindset. America’s founding fathers sought freedom from the status quo of the British regime. They wanted to live how they saw fit, even if their loyalist relatives and neighbors disagreed. So, they got to work creating a world around them that catered to their way of life, and eventually declared independence from the British crown altogether. In doing so, they created the nation that ultimately became the place where dreams turn into realities.

Veryable’s mission is to revitalize the American Manufacturing industry, and there’s no better example than our renegade founding fathers. The heart of the American dream is still beating in 2022– but there’s been a bit of a twist. Now more than ever, the potential for dream-catching is endless– even John Adams himself could’ve never seen this coming. Keep reading to see the hand that on-demand labor has in it.


The Inevitable Decline of The Mainstream Mentality

We’ve all seen “Support Your Local Business” stickers and signs featured in the windows of our favorite mom-and-pop shops. But there is so much more to the small business economy functioning behind the scenes. “Small business” also means manufacturers, suppliers, and smaller-scale fulfillment centers operating on American soil. Currently, there are over 33.2 million small businesses in the US.

In the case of 2020, the world faced a global economic decline due to labor shortages and lockdowns. Small businesses and their employees took the brunt of this adversity when “non-essential” full-time employees were sent home, and even laid off in many cases. Where large businesses had the resources to stay open, many small businesses closed their doors for good when no one was there to get work done. Now on the other side in 2022, small businesses continue to employ over 46% of the American workforce.

But let’s back up– even well-loved American businesses started out “small”, right? Sure. But when the easy way into icon status presented itself, many beloved brands were among some of the first to hand over manufacturing to foreign entities, making quick work of their colossal growth. The effect of this was huge, and while jobs were created in their corporate and customer-facing settings, the products they sold bore “Made in China” stickers, and our own economy saw none of the stimulus provided in manufacturing.

Modern-day challenges provide modern-day solutions. Where the objective was once to put in bulk orders for en-masse purchasing, customer behavior has recently favored a more personalized approach, relying on services like Amazon Prime to deliver products only you would need by the end of the week. When this phenomenon is multiplied by the power of 2022, it looks like there’s about a backseat’s worth of packages ordered among your household members scheduled to hit your front door by Friday. Whew, that’s a lot of picking and packing… do you see where this is going?

The reality is that the American buyer controls the status quo, and right now, the individual holds the key to the economy.


The Power Of One

Let’s bring the founding fathers into our world for a moment. How happy they would be to see the hustling, bustling nation they once envisioned. But would they be happy to know that the rules we operate under now closely mirror the ones we originally sought freedom from?

In many ways, the American founders are the epitome of entrepreneurship. There’s a reason “freedom” is a grounding American philosophy– because everyone deserves to live how they see fit. Today, being tied to one prescribed way of life comes at a cost. There is no way that works for everyone, so why should we act like it? In the workplace, whether this dynamic is found in sourcing labor or providing it, there are often benefits to diversifying the tactics one could employ to thrive.

In our parent’s generations, dutifully pledging your services to one employer was expected and respectable. Today, there is a possible monetary deficit stemming from this same school of thought. With inflation affecting the cost of living, food, gas, and most things you use in your daily life, having one consistent source of income doesn’t pay the way it used to. Businesses face a similar problem, with the workforce they can afford declining due to high costs of living.

An independent contractor workforce is sweeping the nation. Turns out, there’s no such thing as “normal” anymore. Now, what works for an individual or business owner is the route they should take. The uncomfortable state we find ourselves in has had a unique way of opening the door to brand-new opportunities that the status quo of past generations didn’t offer. When businesses adopt the same mindset, the country can change. Rather, it can be restored to its original mindset: freedom from the old way of doing things.

Independent contractor ops provide certainty of income when the world changes overnight. It provides businesses with a solution they can still afford when the economy forces less demand. It gives the average worker a chance to continue to show up when life has other plans. 


The On-Demand Solution

On-Demand labor has emerged as a new labor model for manufacturing, logistics, and other supply chain operations. It’s simple: a work opportunity is posted, qualified operators bid on it, and the business chooses who works it. This sets business owners free from the costs of hiring, and the operator free from the obligations of full-time employment. On-demand labor is a scalable solution, so operators can be there when the need arises, and seek other work opportunities when the need runs out.

Veryable is dedicated to changing the future of American manufacturing and logistics. Inspired by the pioneering example of our founding fathers, we provide businesses with labor solutions made for the modern world. Learn more about on-demand labor here.

The old way of doing things isn’t dying, it’s dead. Create your free business profile today so you can modernize your operations with the help of an on-demand labor pool.

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Veryable Editorial Team

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