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Veryable Wins Innovation Award at ADAC Automotive Partner Day

Ben Steele
May 30, 2024
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We’re extremely honored to have been awarded the ADAC Automotive Innovation Award for 2024. This award celebrates our dedication to exceptional service and innovative solutions during critical times.

*ADAC Automotive is a tier-one automotive supplier that produces vehicle entry systems, exterior and interior door handles, and exterior trim and exterior mirrors for the global automotive market.

Last week, ADAC Automotive held their annual Partner Day Event where they recognized more than 75 different suppliers they work with.

We received the Innovation Award for helping ADAC to mitigate $400k in automation costs and achieve $1.6M in total cost avoidance last summer and throughout the length of the UAW strike. Having a labor pool at the ready allowed them to minimize the impacts of the 7-week UAW strike, and then scale back up instantly and at zero cost to scale when work resumed with OEMs. Due to the changing nature of automotive platforms, especially as technology develops, having the ability to accommodate shifting customer requirements is critical to being a preferred manufacturer. Veryable has enabled them to move forward at full throttle, knowing they always have skilled operators available at a moment's notice.

Furthermore, the insightful performance metrics provided by the Veryable platform has empowered ADAC to clearly understand the true impact of their investment, providing clear visibility of savings and other operational enhancements achieved. In fact, this is how they were able to determine the cost savings mentioned above.

Additionally, Veryable user Pliant Plastics received an award for maintaining 100% on-time delivery to ADAC. Last year Pliant implemented the Veryable model into their operations by upskilling their current workers and then using on-demand operators to fill all of their entry level machine operators. The increase in operational agility they achieved by building their labor pool allowed them to scale up instantaneously to take on additional projects when other local businesses closed shop, and then immediately back down again when they were hit with short notice Ford plant closures. Given the operational benefits and bottom line impacts they’ve achieved by taking this approach, they’ve gotten rid of all of their other sources of labor and now only utilize full-time employees and Veryable operators. Our VP of Ops Michael Kavaky caught up with the Pliant team at the event and they attributed their partnership with Veryable to playing a significant role in their ability to maintain perfect service to ADAC.

All in all, by adopting an on-demand labor model ADAC Automotive has positioned itself to accelerate at full throttle in a landscape that is full of supply chain headwinds, rising inflationary costs, and uncertainties in planning. We are proud to be a trusted partner and are looking forward to supporting them as they continue to thrive.

To read more about our partnership with ADAC Automotive, click here.

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Ben Steele
Growth Strategist

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