If you’ve used Veryable, then you’ve had to select workers for your Ops. If you haven’t used Veryable, you might be used to staffing agencies selecting workers for you. Maybe you’ve asked yourself why Veryable doesn’t select workers when staffing companies do.

The answer is that Veryable doesn’t select workers for businesses because our solution is designed to give operations leaders control and flexibility. We want to empower you to match labor capacity to demand.

Our solution is a labor marketplace, not a temp staffing service. By stepping into the worker selection process, we’d be slowing you down and interfering with the market by removing your ability to choose.

In this article, we’ll briefly expand on why we don’t select workers for your business and what that means for your implementation of on-demand labor.


Why Veryable doesn’t select workers for you

We stand by our decision not to choose workers for businesses. That’s because if we chose the workers for you, it would be no different from you using a staffing agency, where you don’t usually get to choose your workers or maintain a relationship with them unless you hire them full-time. 

We’re able to keep our fees lower than most staffing agencies and give you more control over your workforce precisely because we don’t choose who works where. 

Veryable designed its platform to empower you to solve your own labor needs in creative ways. We give you transparency into the ratings and reviews each worker has received from other companies on the platform so that you can make an informed decision every time.


By design, you can only take advantage of the flexibility enabled by on-demand labor in innovative ways if you’re involved in the process of finding the best workers for your business. That’s because you know best which workers will fit the needs of your company. We don’t know this, and would not attempt to make these decisions for you.

If you don’t have the time to manage on-demand labor in your company, then Veryable isn’t the solution for you. The return on this time is well worth the effort, because it pays off in the form of a flexible labor pool that’s already familiar with your operation and available on demand. If you simply can’t afford to take the time to select your own workers, then another labor sourcing solution would be better for you.


What about autofill?

Our platform has an autofill feature which allows you to set your own parameters for automatically accepting bids on your posted Ops. The important distinction here is that you have to set the parameters for this feature, and you have to know when it’s appropriate to use it. The platform will not accept any bids for your Ops until you manually approve them or enable autofill with your set parameters.

The autofill feature is best used once you have already built your labor pool, so you can set it to select from the workers you’ve already trained in your operations. It is not meant to replace the process of selecting from workers who bid while you’re building your labor pool.


How to choose the right workers for your business

Veryable Business Portal Digital Resume Screenshot with rating reliability and skills & experience

You’ll need to know how to choose the right workers for your business if you’re going to succeed with on-demand labor. That’s why we have a rating and review system that gives you insights into each worker. 

There are also plenty of new workers on our platform who are not yet rated, but ready to work. New Operators earn a four star rating or above on their first op about half the time.

Beyond picking the right workers for your business, you’ll need to follow best practices for posting Ops so that you can attract bids for your work. Read our guide to the six best practices for posting on Veryable so you can attract great Operators to add to your labor pool.

Steven Calhoun

Written by Steven Calhoun

Content Strategist