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POV: Fabricating Operational Excellence

Lucas Langreck
February 28, 2024
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As a former Plant Manager of an Industrial HVAC manufacturer, user of the Veryable platform and now a part of the Veryable team as General Manager in Minnesota, I've taken the journey from leveraging its benefits firsthand to championing its value for other Operations Teams. My experience has been transformative, shedding light on both the untapped potential and the rapid, tangible advantages it offers. Here's a glimpse into my story and the insights I've gained along the way.

Setting The Stage  

The prime example highlighting my experience using the platform involved a significant challenge within my fabrication team. We faced a 30% reduction in our workforce for various reasons, and the equipment we were building faced supply chain shortages, which resulted in missing parts. This situation demanded a quick pivot, a common occurrence for operations teams.

However, a roadblock emerged: the next eight pieces of equipment required Stainless Steel fabrication and full TIG welding, a specialized skill set crucial for these specific units. This posed a challenge as our workforce capacity was significantly reduced, and we lacked the necessary skilled operators to handle this specialized task.

Prior to using Veryable, our go-to strategy in such situations involved gathering the team to brainstorm solutions. We often sought extra support from our skilled sales, service, and engineering teams. More often than not, this approach proved less than helpful. It took valuable time away from their primary jobs and didn't effectively address our immediate operational challenges. With the adoption of Veryable, we found a more efficient and practical way to navigate and resolve these difficulties.

Without Veryable's intervention, we would have faced significant challenges. Delayed equipment delivery to customers was a major concern, potentially leading to a series of unfavorable outcomes such as increased overtime, delayed revenue, job site delays, and additional costs due to crane fees and expedited trucking. Additionally, our work areas risked becoming congested and unsafe, which could have negatively impacted our work environment and led to customer dissatisfaction.

This is where Veryable stepped in as a vital support system. Leveraging the platform's capabilities, we quickly accessed skilled operators with expertise in fabrication and welding. Within a short span, I was able to access qualified Operators, ensuring seamless continuity in our operations. Their timely availability meant we could address this specialized work without compromising on quality or timelines, effectively navigating the workforce shortage and supply chain challenges, while avoiding the risks.

A User's Perspective: What I wish I Had Known

Reflecting on my first experiences with Veryable, I've realized something important. At the beginning, I didn't use all its features and flexibility as well as I could have. I didn't fully understand how the platform could change with our needs — for instance as products moved through our facility from Machining, to Fabrication, to Assembly, and finally to Shipping. I learned that I could rely on the Veryable platform at every step, precisely adjusting to meet any demand in any department and managing unexpected changes easily. It was a valuable tool that adjusted quickly when things shifted in our production schedule.

I also didn't realize at first how many skilled workers were available through Veryable. They were ready to help with whatever my team could imagine!

Screenshot 2024-02-23 at 10.35.12 AM
Operator count and average wage information is compiled using data from all 42 markets Veryable operates in and is updated monthly. Click Here to Learn More

It’s crazy to think about now how impactful the entire Veryable platform is and at times it can be hard to put into words when people ask what the platform does. Because it really does it all! It’s an operational tool that can be leveraged to meet so many needs. I truly cannot think of a manufacturing, logistics, or distribution operation that does not have a need for such a versatile tool. Veryable is like a Swiss army knife for operations leaders.

Accelerating Value: Quick Wins for Operations Teams

The beauty of integrating Veryable into an Operations Team lies in its immediate impact. The transition from recognizing its potential to experiencing tangible benefits is almost instant.

One of the most significant advantages we realized was the freedom of time. By efficiently managing labor allocation through Veryable, our team could redirect focus towards higher-value projects. Suddenly, we were dedicating more resources to innovation, process enhancement, and strategic initiatives, propelling our operational efficiency to new heights.

Advocating for Change: Championing Veryable as a GM

Now, in my role as a General Manager at Veryable in Minnesota, I wholeheartedly champion the platform as a solution to addressing the operational needs of other businesses. Witnessing firsthand the rapid shift towards increased efficiency and agility at my facility serves as a driving force for me to extend this success to others.

My mission is to guide Operations Teams in embracing a tool that not only optimizes labor management but also liberates time for the pursuit of meaningful, high-impact projects. By harnessing Veryable's potential, teams can redefine their operational strategies, embracing adaptability as a cornerstone for success.

The People

One remarkable aspect of the Veryable platform is the individuals it connects with businesses. A testament to this was the arrival of a young man into my facility, eager to support my team. Witnessing his seamless integration into our operation was truly impressive. What unfolded next was equally heartening – he recommended the platform to his retired father. The retired dad, seeking meaningful opportunities, joined Veryable, adding his wealth of experience to the platform and my operation. This connection exemplifies the platform's ability to attract skilled individuals of different generations, who are seeking to work in the new flexible age of manufacturing. 


In conclusion, my journey with Veryable has been an evolution—from being a user unlocking its potentials to becoming a GM advocating its transformative capabilities. The agility, operational value it brings, and its ability to connect businesses with skilled operators in the community highlight Veryable’s significance in reshaping how businesses operate every day in the manufacturing industry.

Through my journey, I've come to realize that my story is not unique. Like many in the operations field, I've faced the usual challenges and pressures. What sets my experience apart is not my individual capabilities, but the tool I had at my disposal: Veryable. My dedication now lies in helping others in similar positions understand that they, too, can achieve operational excellence by adopting this approach. It's not about being extraordinary; it's about making smart, effective choices. With Veryable as a strategic ally, I aim to guide operations teams to recognize and utilize this powerful resource, just as I did, to transform their operations and exceed their goals.

About The Author

Lucas is the General Manager for Veryable in Minnesota, bringing over 10 years of leadership and engineering expertise to the table. Before joining Veryable, Lucas played a pivotal role in operational excellence and process improvement as a Plant Manager, Continuous Improvement Manager, and Engineering Manager. His experience is in semi-custom product design and manufacturing, aiming to maximize productivity and ensure flexibility within production processes. At Veryable, he leads by leveraging his experience to support business users and manage district operations with a focus on growth and operational efficiency and flexibility.

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Lucas Langreck

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