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Online Platforms are Growing On-Demand Labor

By Ariana Spunt on Jun 21, 2018 2:45:00 PM



Veryable offers a marketplace for on-demand labor that allows businesses and workers to connect. This use of a digital platform is similar to companies such as Uber, where a service is provided on-demand. According to the McKinsey Global Institute’s report, discussed in our previous blog, around 15% of independent workers have used an online platform to find work, but this number is growing. The benefits of using a digital shared labor pool are endless. The MGI survey gives us a few concrete examples of the benefits of an online platform.  

How will the market change now that the digital world is expanding?


The internet allows companies and workers to explore work opportunities at the touch of a button. This connection is available, at any time, to any person, meaning that online platforms provide a larger reach. Veryable is available to anyone with a smartphone. Currently, we have work opportunities in DFW, Houston, Austin, San Antonio, and are expanding to west Texas and more. Have you downloaded it yet?

An online platform allows forreal-time information.This increases efficiency and ability to match a business’s needs with a worker’s skills. You can input your skills in the app and keep your experience updated and relevant. Businesses can post for work opportunities in advance, or even for the next day. On-demand truly meansany time.


The medium of an app can allow fora building of trust and relationships. Through online reviews of both businesses and workers, credibility is established through ratings and feedback from past experiences. Risk from both sides is low, especially through Veryable. On-demand labor allows for the length of work opportunities to be determined by the business, and for the worker to decide if they want to work that long before they bid. Ultimately, this builds an established labor pool of trusted workers for businesses. These labor pools consist of workers who have a proven track record of doing well at a particular business, and the business will invite them back consistently.


Thecost for all parties involved islow.Veryable, as an online platform, only asks users for three prerequisites - a background check, tax forms, and bank information so you can get paid. There is no cost for users to explore and bid on work opportunities. Simply create a profile and have instant access to the platform. Businesses experience lower costs than using staffing agencies, including several other benefits we discuss here. Ultimately, everything is done online. Veryable is a solelyonlinemarketplace for work and business needs - no storefront required.

All you need is a smart phone and yourself, so get started today! Download Veryable from the App Store on Apple devices and the Google Play store on Android devices. If you have a business interested in what Veryable can offer, contact for more information. 

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Ariana Spunt

Written by Ariana Spunt