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Is On-Demand Labor Right for Your Business?

By Olivia Dossett on Jul 12, 2017 6:51:00 PM

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As anyone in charge of hiring for a company knows, trying to accurately predict exactly when and how much labor your operation will need can be incredibly difficult. Demand will always be volatile, so demand planning can only get you so far, especially for newer businesses that don’t have substantial past data to reference. And even if your business does have the data and budget for extensive demand planning, why risk unexpected fluctuations in demand when there’s a cheaper, savvier way to address your labor needs that eliminates the guesswork?

Sure, temporary staffing agencies have long been the standard for helping to address these needs, but they present their own set of limitations and frustrations for business owners. Excessive fees, binding contracts, temporary-to-hire restrictions, and lengthy wait times are par for the course, but up until recently, businesses have had no other recourse. Now, however, there is a new alternative that addresses any temporary labor needs your business may have, all while circumventing the hassles of using traditional staffing approaches.


With on-demand labor, you can adjust your labor capacity in real-time, allowing you to respond immediately to unexpected fluctuations in demand. The implications of this for business owners cannot be overstated. Without the flexibility of on-demand labor, there are potential pitfalls on both sides of the equation. Anticipate too much demand and you’re left locked into a steep temp agency contract with a supply of unneeded workers, exacerbating the financial strain already brought about by the slow cycle. Conversely, under-anticipating your labor needs may prevent you from accepting additional orders, forcing you to reject potential revenue.

On-demand labor renders both of these contingencies entirely avoidable. Veryable’s on-demand labor marketplace allows you to post work opportunities on a per piece, hourly, or daily basis, so there’s no obligation to continue contracting operators if demand lags unexpectedly. On the flip side, you can also use Veryable to quickly scale your labor capacity for an unexpected spike in demand, so you’ll never have to turn away potential revenue again. There truly is no downside to utilizing Veryable to address market volatility.


In case you haven’t already been convinced, consider these additional advantages to using Veryable’s on-demand labor marketplace:

1. 40% reduction in labor acquisition cost compared to traditional staffing methods

2. No administrative burden: every operator is background checked, fully insured, and paid through Veryable

3. No contracts or upfront costs: only pay once project is completed to satisfaction

4. No minimum or maximum hiring obligation

5. Experienced labor: you can view each operator’s work experience, skill levels, and performance ratings to find  the people who best suit your needs


Feel free to poke around a bit more on our website or call (214) 530-2336 if you want more information. Better yet, there’s no commitment or cost for creating a profile on our business portal, so head over to to start familiarizing yourself with our platform and perusing our operator list. The profile setup takes less than five minutes, and only requires basic information about your business. There’s also direct chat support in the business portal, so we can help you through the process.

After you’ve set up your profile, you can spend some time looking around the portal, or go ahead and enter in your payment method to create your very first work request (we call them ‘ops’). We’ve included plenty of great ways to customize your op, like the ability to pay hourly or by unit, and to set it as either single or multi-day. Here’s a quick outline of the Veryable process:

1. Create and post an op according to your specifications

2. Operators in your area will submit requests (‘bids’ in Veryable lingo) to work on the op

3. From there, all you have to do is accept the bids you want

4. Veryable notifies the operators instantly, they perform the op, and you get to rate their performance


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Olivia Dossett

Written by Olivia Dossett

Olivia leads corporate development initiatives and oversees company communications, training, and implementations. Olivia holds bachelor’s degrees in psychology and Spanish from Southern Methodist University.