Once you heard of on-demand labor and the concept of a labor pool, your next thought was probably something along the lines of “That sounds great, but how long does it take?”

At Veryable we’ve helped hundreds of businesses build a labor pool through our on-demand labor platform. What we’ve seen is that most of the time it’s a matter of weeks, not an overnight miracle.

In this article, you’ll learn how long it takes to build a labor pool for your business based on your company’s size and variation in demand.


What’s the fastest you can build a labor pool?

The exact answer to the question of how quickly you can build a labor pool depends on a few factors like the size of your business and what your demand profile looks like. When we say demand profile, we mean whether you have seasonal demand for your products, project-based demand, or something else. Identifying how often your demand changes will help you determine how quickly you can build a labor pool.

The table below shows how long it should take for a business that's doing everything right to build a labor pool according to facility size.

Facility Size Flexible Workers Needed During Busy Period Weeks to Build Labor Pool
Small 5-10 workers 4 weeks
Medium 15-25 workers 8 weeks
Large 50+ workers 12 weeks


Smaller facilities needing five to ten extra workers during their busiest periods can build a labor pool in four weeks if they follow best practices consistently. For medium size facilities needing between 15-25 extra workers, they could build a labor pool in eight weeks. For larger facilities needing more than 50 extra workers during their busy periods, they can build a labor pool in about 12 weeks by following best practices.

Remember that demand profiles can also affect how quickly you can build a labor pool. If you only experience demand variation every few months, then you might build a labor pool for a few weeks and then take a break from using on-demand labor because your demand has decreased for a period. 

Then when demand picks back up again later, you can continue to build your labor pool. This will technically mean it took you months to build a labor pool, but if you only count the time you spent using on-demand labor, the timeline should hold true to what you can expect on average if you are consistently following best practices.


Does a labor pool provide any benefits before it’s fully built?

on demand workers standing during meeting at warehouse distribution center us manufacturing

A labor pool is valuable even while you are building it. While is not fully optimized yet, having access to the large pool of workers available on-demand gives you flexibility that you wouldn’t have otherwise. Even while you’re building your labor pool, you can quickly get people in the door for just one day or a few days at a time, you’ll be able to meet unexpected demands without scrambling for temps or full-time hires. 

During the period when you’re steadily growing your labor pool, you’ll keep inviting the workers you like, so you should start to see some of the benefits early in the process.

As mentioned before, this is not an overnight miracle. There will be a period where you have to try out a bunch of new workers to see who fits your operation well. There will be no-shows and there will be all-stars, just like anytime you bring someone new to work in your building.

But if you stick with it, you will start to see the power of flexibility and the impacts of being able to choose who you’re working with when you need help fast.


How should you build a labor pool to start seeing results?

If you’re ready to start seeing the benefits of choosing the best on-demand workers for your operation and inviting them again and again to work, you’ll need to know how to build a labor pool the right way. In our guide you’ll learn how to build a labor pool starting now, see examples of successful labor pool builds, and learn how to properly maintain this flexible extension of your workforce.


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Steven Calhoun

Written by Steven Calhoun

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