Black Friday kicks off the holiday shopping season for consumers worldwide. While they’re scrolling through must-have lists and shopping guides a couple of weeks out, manufacturers have already produced the season’s hottest items. Forecasting demand and getting boxes ready to fly off the shelves is no simple task and requires manpower from all angles where manufacturing is concerned.

This year, don’t let your company struggle to keep up with increased demand during your busy season. On-demand labor can help businesses find workers within minutes to ensure that every minute of production time is well spent. Keep reading to find out just how effective on-demand labor can be while taking on the demand the holiday season provides.


Respond Instantly To Demand Swings

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In 1998, weeks before the holiday season, toy stores nationwide stacked 10-foot tall “Furby” pyramids just behind their front doors. The toy was brand new to the market, and although hundreds of them were in stock in each city, no one really knew how consumers would react to this robot pet alien. A month later, the Furby was out of stock everywhere and became the season's must-have toy. I’m sure we can all guess that soon after whatever celebrations took place in the walls of Tiger Electronics, the product and ops teams had quite a task in figuring out just how many more of these little monsters they could produce, and if they could do so by Christmas Eve.

You never know when the thing you’re manufacturing will be marketplace gold. Luckily, when you hit it, on-demand labor can provide a path other than paying out overtime wages. Veryable allows manufacturers, suppliers, and warehouse operations managers to hire independent contractors on-demand, allowing your output to scale up or down as needed.


Hire Skilled Manufacturers Instantly

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From apparel to electronics, food to automotive, leather to metal, and anything in between, Veryable allows businesses of all kinds to post ops involving various manufacturing positions. Simply post an op, and choose an operator from a list of bidders. Our platform allows you to instantly see certifications, skills, and previous jobs to make sure the operator you’ve chosen is the right fit for the job.

Once your chosen operator has finished the job, they’ll be considered a part of your labor pool. Think of this as your team’s bench. When the need arises, you’ll be able to alert operators in your labor pool that a new op has been posted, allowing them to bid before anyone else. This approach simplifies the hiring process, giving you help when you need it, and freedom from paying out overtime wages when you don’t.


Curb The Risk of Hiring Seasonal Employees

warehouse manager upset with worker over damaged box of product in logistics distribution center

At this point you may be asking yourself, “Wouldn’t hiring seasonal employees do the trick?

While your hiring decisions will always come down to the unique needs of your business, there are some pitfalls you simply can’t avoid when it comes to seasonal hiring. 

Fluctuating Needs:

A seasonal hire usually has a start and end date, meaning they will still be paid even if the workload unexpectedly lightens during their contract. The same is true in reverse: what if you reached your max hiring budget and there’s still more work? On-demand labor does the job of sharing the load across busy and lighter work days.

What You See, Isn’t  What You Get:

Some seasonal employees come into their position matching the quality of their work to the length of time they’ll be employed with you: limited. With the resources necessary for hiring on full-time work, even while seasonal, going through the process of replacing a hire in this category is usually not worth the headache. Veryable operators come from all walks of life. Many are single parents, working with Veryable as an additional resource to a full-time income, or are using Veryable as their primary source of income. In any situation, operators are held to the standards of Veryable’s in-app rating system and must maintain high standards of quality in their work to remain competitive.


The chance of skilled professionals being available for seasonal work is slim. In a manufacturing environment, the highest standard of quality needs to be maintained to avoid mistakes, or worse, recalls. Veryable is the first service of its kind to offer on-demand opportunities to skilled operators. Avoid mistakes altogether by choosing the right person for the job, hand-picked by you.

Take on your busy season with the help of Veryable. Sign up for our platform for free today to see where on-demand labor can take your business.

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Carolyn Owen

Written by Carolyn Owen