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Craigslist Gigs vs Veryable: Work Available, Pay, & User Friendliness

Steven Calhoun
June 16, 2021
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You’ve probably seen Craigslist show up in search results for … well, anything you could want to buy. The Craigslist website was one of the early power players on the Internet, and still has staying power today. So does that mean the Gigs section of Craigslist is the right way for you to find work?

Full disclosure, at Veryable, we connect workers to businesses for short-term work in manufacturing and logistics environments. But we won’t be trying to convince you that Veryable is better than Craigslist in this article. We will do our best to provide an honest comparison between the two.

In this article, you’ll learn how Craigslist Gigs works, how Veryable works, and when you should use each to find work.


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Quick comparison: Craigslist Gigs vs Veryable


How Craigslist Gigs works

Craigslist Gigs is an online board where companies or individuals can post work opportunities in your area.

What type of work is on Craigslist Gigs?

There is a wide variety of work on Craigslist Gigs, ranging from yard work to clerical tasks. Because individuals can post right beside businesses, it’s a mixed bag of opportunities. To put it simply, you never know what you’re going to get when you browse Craigslist gigs. While writing this article, we saw posts for pool sealing, TV mounting, concrete finishing, and lawn mowing all on the first page of results. Some were posted by businesses, some were posted by individuals, and on some posts it wasn’t clear who made the post.

How do you get paid on Craigslist Gigs?

Craigslist Gigs is just a place to post work opportunities, so the website or app itself will not facilitate payment. You will have to work with the individual or business who posted the gig to get paid. The pay rates are not always listed on Craigslist Gigs posts. And when they are posted, you’ll often have to read the whole post to find where the poster put the pay rate.

How user friendly is Craigslist Gigs?

By now you’ve probably caught on that there are a few issues with using Craigslist Gigs if you’re trying to find work quickly and get paid. There are posts from individuals right beside posts from businesses, with no way to tell them apart. There’s no quick way to see how much you’ll be paid for the work that’s requested. You also have to click into every gig to see where it’s located on the map.

On top of this, the website and app do not handle payment for you, so you have to figure that part out with the person who posted the gig. In short, Craigslist Gigs requires a bit of work to find work and get paid.


How Veryable works

Veryable is an on-demand platform where manufacturing and logistics businesses post work for you to bid on. If your bid is accepted, you confirm that you can work it, then you follow the instructions provided by the company for working the Op.

What type of work is on Veryable?

You will commonly see work opportunities such as picking and packing, forklift operation, material handling, assembly, and other manufacturing and warehouse work. The work for Ops you’ll see on Veryable is almost always performed in a warehouse or workshop environment. There might be requirements for you to wear special clothing or bring certain equipment, depending on the nature of the work.

How do you get paid on Veryable?

You are paid through Veryable as soon as the next business day after you complete an Op. You will get the amount you and the business agreed on for the work you completed. Veryable takes a fee from the business, but not from you. It’s completely free to find work through Veryable.

How user friendly is Veryable?

Veryable’s mobile app is easy to use and has won multiple awards. You can see in your feed what each Op pays, when it is, and how far away it is. You can view the details about each business that posts. You can also access support and tutorials if you get stuck.

The app lets you manage your scheduled Ops and view your payment history. You can track your work history, see your ratings, and earn badges and achievements to showcase your skills.

When to use Craigslist Gigs vs when to use Veryable


If you’re looking for a wide variety of work, Craigslist Gigs would give you access to work in many industries and environments. If you’re not too picky about who you work for, it could be a good option for you, since there are individuals and businesses posting odd gigs all the time. Craigslist beats Veryable when it comes to the variety of work you can find there.

If you’re looking for work in manufacturing, logistics, or warehousing, then Veryable is the way to go. Businesses post work opportunities where the pay is clearly visible, and you can quickly see how far away the work is. You can also see the ratings of each business, which is a big advantage over Craigslist Gigs where you don’t know anything about the person who made the post. If an easy user experience and getting paid quickly and transparently is more important to you, then Veryable beats Craigslist Gigs.

To get started on Veryable today, sign up and download the app

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Steven Calhoun

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