ShineOn Transforms Production with On-Demand Labor

In the dynamic landscape of custom jewelry manufacturing, ShineOn faced a unique challenge. As a print-on-demand custom jewelry manufacturer serving e-commerce sellers, their business witnessed drastic seasonal fluctuations in customer demand, particularly during peak occasions like Christmas, Valentine's Day, and Mother's Day. Balancing these demand surges with a traditional, fixed workforce presented a complex puzzle. This challenge required a solution that could ensure efficient production scaling without compromising quality or incurring excessive costs. Enter Veryable.

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ShineOn gains new flexibility and competitive agility while cutting labor costs

Veryable partnered with ShineOn to provide a transformative solution. Veryable's on-demand labor marketplace offered ShineOn the flexibility and agility they needed to build an on-demand labor pool of skilled operators. This labor pool was the key to unlocking a new level of production flexibility that aligned perfectly with their order volume fluctuations.

The results were nothing short of remarkable. By seamlessly integrating Veryable's on-demand labor model, ShineOn was able to ramp up and down its production in tandem with customer orders. This synchronization allowed them to fulfill orders within an impressive 1-3 days of placement, a feat that significantly contributed to retaining satisfied, loyal customers. “We have the chance to adjust that labor volume based on the order we see coming in. So depending on the timing of that, it can really help us get across that finish line to get it out of this as quick as possible,” said Russ Iddings, Chief of Staff at ShineOn.

The benefits extended far beyond prompt delivery. Veryable's solution, combined with other lean initiatives, generated substantial savings for ShineOn. In fact, the company reduced overtime costs by nearly $300,000 year over year. “So we're talking about almost a three hundred percent savings for overtime alone. We've reduced that cost tremendously,” said Iddings. ShineOn achieved an overall reduction of approximately 15% in labor expenses.

ShineOn harnesses the power of its labor pool to launch new products

Moreover, the newfound flexibility provided by Veryable's labor pool empowered ShineOn to take calculated risks and explore new product launches. This was invaluable in an industry marked by uncertainty, where testing new products could either lead to an exponential increase in demand or fizzle out. ShineOn's ability to quickly adjust their labor force based on the performance of new products not only saved them from potential overstaffing but also ensured efficient use of resources. “ As you can imagine, we're anticipating sales to go through the roof on that, but I haven't scaled up a bit yet. What we were gonna rely on is using Veryable. As we see something spike to an additional five hundred or maybe even fifteen hundred orders per day, our goal is fulfilling that with our labor pool because we don't understand how that market works yet. And knowing that we have that flexibility to partner Veryable as part of that process is what it's all about,” said Iddings.

ShineOn's collaboration with Veryable showcases a compelling success story of adaptability and innovation. By embracing an on-demand labor pool, ShineOn not only weathered the challenges of fluctuating demand but also streamlined production, reduced costs, and maintained a competitive edge in the market. ShineOn’s story underscores the significance of strategic partnerships in creating dynamic, resilient business models capable of thriving in a rapidly changing landscape.


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