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Make the Most of Your Data with Veryable

Steven Calhoun
October 8, 2021
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Are you making the most of the data available to you in your Veryable portal? When used properly, you can see how many workers you’ll need, what your efficiency targets should be, and how much value you’re creating for your company.

We often see companies not using the wealth of data available to them, and lament the fact that they’re missing out on opportunities to get even more done and be a hero in their organization.

In this article, you’ll learn ways to make the most of the data and tools available to you in your Veryable portal at no extra cost but the time it takes to set them up.


How to find your labor and efficiency targets for the day using Veryable


In your business portal, you will see a Labor Intelligence tab. Once configured, this tab will make it easy to see what your headcount needs to be for the day and your overall units per hour efficiency, based on your efficiency targets across all departments. You can also see what your needs are by department, taking into account absentee rate and dependencies between departments.

The first step is to choose your view and input your total throughput goal. There is a distribution view and a manufacturing view, so pick the one that’s right for you.

The second step is to build out your work areas. Add each area and then input the scheduled headcount and average efficiency (measured in units per hour) for each work area.

The third step is to configure the tool. You will need to input hours per shift and absentee rate. If there are dependencies between them, input how much of your building’s throughput each area is responsible for.

With all of this information loaded in, the labor intelligence tool shows you at a glance how many people you need for the day, where you need them, and how productive they need to be if you are going to reach your throughput goal.

This tool gives you what you need to effectively flex your capacity based on demand. Update it each day to plan for the next, so you can post Ops to get as much extra labor as you need.


How to track the value you’re creating for your company

Wouldn’t it be nice to show your boss (or the board) all the great work you’re doing in terms they’ll understand: dollar signs? That’s exactly why we built the performance tab. You can easily see a breakdown of the value you’re creating, and the potential to create more value if you stay on track.

You can see the dollar value you’re generating in the following categories:

  • Non-peak overtime reduction
  • Lead time
  • Cost per unit
  • Hiring costs
  • Turnover reduction savings
  • Peak overtime reduction
  • Peak season efficiency gains

Beyond that, you can easily track how your labor pool has grown over time and whether you should focus more intently on bringing new workers into your pool.


Go beyond the basics

Once you’re comfortable using all the data available to you in Veryable, we can help you go even further. Our operations consulting arm can help you develop a dynamic strategy for deploying your labor pool in powerful ways.

Get started on your journey to the next level by learning more about our operations management consulting services.

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Steven Calhoun

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