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Veryable vs. Staffing

Veryable vs On-Demand Staffing Companies

Steven Calhoun
May 12, 2021
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You’ve heard of Veryable and you’ve heard of on-demand staffing solutions. What you might not have known is that the two are different in a few key ways.

Veryable is an on-demand labor marketplace specifically for manufacturing and logistics. We call it on-demand labor because we coach businesses to use our solution differently from staffing solutions. 

We understand that our solution might not be for everyone, so we’re taking an honest look at the differences between us and on-demand staffing to help you decide who you should be working with. There are differences in the purpose of these solutions, how much you’ll pay to use them, what skills you’ll find among workers on these platforms, and whether the workers are background checked.

In this article, we will outline the differences between on-demand staffing and Veryable’s on-demand labor marketplace.


Purpose of solution: Veryable vs on-demand staffing

The goal of most on-demand staffing companies is to help with finding workers to fill gaps in your operational baseline. These workers might be employed by the staffing company or independent. You would use these companies if you have perfectly regular demand and have trouble keeping your minimum headcount where it needs to be.

Veryable’s purpose is to connect you with independent workers to add above the operational baseline and build a flexible extension of your workforce. You would use our solution to flex your headcount up and down to match demand, so that your workforce is operating more efficiently. This is how we coach businesses to use the marketplace and achieve their business goals.


Worker skill sets: Veryable vs on-demand staffing

Other companies providing an on-demand marketplace have not narrowed their focus to one industry like Veryable has done in manufacturing and logistics, meaning workers from all types of industries can find work in all types of environments on those platforms.

For example, on an on-demand staffing platform, you might have service workers looking for restaurant work and logistics companies looking for warehouse workers. There is not a clear focus on any one industry.

By contrast, Veryable is a labor marketplace specifically for manufacturing and logistics environments. Workers on the platform showcase their skills for these environments and understand that only this type of work is available, so businesses can be sure that they are finding workers who are interested in doing manufacturing and logistics work specifically.


Costs of solution: Veryable vs on-demand staffing

Veryable charges a $45 flat fee for each performed by a single operator when work has been performed ("Per Op Fee"). Additionally, you can enroll in a monthly or annual plan to get the benefit of discounted unit costs for Ops. The annual plan comes with several advantages. You can read more about those here.  

A flat fee is a common pricing structure among on-demand staffing companies as well. Based on the information available from these companies, the typical fee is closer to 40%. Some of these companies have a pricing structure that can vary based on factors such as demand for workers and the location of your business.


How to decide which is right for you

Keep in mind the factors above, and you already have a good starting point for deciding which solution is right for you.

If you’re in manufacturing and logistics and you need to reduce overtime, improve lead times, or fight turnover, then Veryable’s on-demand labor marketplace fits your needs well. You can use on-demand labor to build a flexible extension of your workforce that’s available when you need it. And Veryable’s included onboarding to the platform and optional consulting services can help you get to your goals.

If you’re in another industry, or if you only want to work with W2 employees, then an on-demand staffing solution would be better for you. You can read more about the best on-demand staffing companies on our blog.

After considering these factors, if you think on-demand labor might be right for you, create your free business profile to get a tour of the Veryable platform.

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Steven Calhoun

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