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Veryable Achieves Highly Sought-After SOC 2 Accreditation, Further Affirming Dedication to Excellence in Data Security

Matt Morgan
May 8, 2024
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Veryable proudly announces the successful completion of its System and Organization Controls (SOC) 2 Type I and Type II compliance Audit, meticulously developed by the esteemed American Institute of Certified Public Accountants (AICPA). Representing the pinnacle of externally audited security compliance certifications, the SOC 2 audit subjects Veryable to rigorous scrutiny by external auditors annually, focusing on the critical trust categories of Security, Availability, and Confidentiality.

This comprehensive audit confirms that Veryable's internal controls, policies, and procedures adhere to exacting security and operational standards, showcasing the robustness and efficacy of its controls concerning SOC 2 security criteria. Certification not only underscores the company's ability to enact pivotal security protocols but also validates its ongoing compliance in pivotal areas such as security, availability, and confidentiality, over an extensive period.

For Veryable, prioritizing compliance transcends mere regulatory obligations; it stands as a strategic imperative that distinguishes us within the industry. Attaining prestigious certifications like the SOC 2 audit for Marketplace and Workforce Management, and securing coveted positions on trusted lists, not only reflects our proactive stance toward meeting industry benchmarks but also instills confidence in our business partners, assuring them that their data and digital assets receive the utmost protection and integrity.

The completion of this audit arrives at a pivotal juncture when business leaders face mounting responsibility for the management of confidential information by third-party entities. They are compelled to ensure that the services they enlist for data processing adhere to federally regulated mandates concerning security controls and their sustained efficacy. In their quest for reliable partners to host business-critical applications, customers are increasingly gravitating toward trusted vendors who embody compliance with standards such as SOC 2.

About Veryable:

As the premier technology company in its space, Veryable's core service offers a dynamic marketplace facilitating seamless connections between businesses seeking labor and workers pursuing work opportunities. Its array of features including Workforce Management, empowering businesses across diverse sectors to optimize productivity through agile scheduling for their entire workforce.

Veryable caters to industries spanning manufacturing, distribution, logistics and warehousing. Committed to continual enhancement of safety and security measures, the company remains dedicated to delivering agile, efficient, reliable, and above all, secure services to its business partners.

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Matt Morgan

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