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The Modern Tradesman

Veryable Editorial Team
October 6, 2022
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The idea of the American manufacturing industry has always carried an implied meaning. When visualizing it, the setting that comes to mind might be in black and white, featuring workers covered in dirt and hard-earned sweat. While the days of Henry Ford’s assembly lines certainly influenced the industry that quickly became the backbone of America, the methods of manufacturing have kept up with current times.

Featuring more technology than ever before, modern manufacturing careers open the door to gaining valuable, hands-on skills relative to STEM careers. Able to sidestep college or formal training, operators can take opportunities into their own hands while gaining on-the-job experience that extends beyond the shop floor.

With the help of Veryable, any operator has the opportunity to become a Modern Tradesman on their terms. Veryable ops feature ultimate scheduling flexibility and the chance to upskill, all while earning a living and creating a career you can be proud of.

Keep reading to learn more about modern manufacturing, what it really means to be a Modern Tradesman, and how Veryable can help you get there. 


Defining Modern Manufacturing


It seems like the millennial generation is the perfect intersection between understanding and operating new and old technologies. Any millennial can show you how to dial a rotary phone and how to configure a wireless sound system from their smartphone. Modern manufacturing is just this: the intersection of new and old technologies in manufacturing. A skill of a Modern Tradesman is being able to understand both and operate each kind seamlessly.

According to Science Direct, modern manufacturing pursues the goal of a paperless factory, relying on computer-aided design and manufacturing terminals. What you’ll find in these environments is advanced technologies like robots, 3D printers, lasers, and other things you typically only heard about in sci-fi movies.

While this may seem like fewer real human people need to be involved when computers are taking the place of previous positions– this is not the case. Humans are capable of realistic, rational thought that computers are not. Now more than ever, skilled operators are needed to manage these machines and make decisions that impact day-to-day operations.

To gain positions in this space, an operator must possess the basic skills of a shop floor professional.


The Modern Tradesman’s Journey

Essential to keeping America’s economy thriving, “warehouse workers” deserve more credit than they’ve typically received, and now, a new name. Being called a Modern Tradesman elicits respect and intrigue– something anyone can be proud of. The journey starts with mastering a few basic skills.

  • Essential professionalism

Before starting a career, you need to cover the basics. Showing up on time, dressed appropriately, and with a positive attitude means you’re ready to take on the day. Being able to do these things consistently means you’re prepared to take your professional future into your hands.

  • Thorough adherence to safety protocol 

Any operations or manufacturing professional must be able to dutifully follow all safety procedures while working in these environments. Without following proper protocols, other staff could be harmed.

  • Moving with efficiency and speed

At the end of the day, quotas must be met whether a machine or a person is the one doing the creating. Coming prepared to take on the need for speed with accuracy is key to success in this field.

  • Applicable licenses

Having a forklift operator certification is not a day one requirement for working in operations, but licenses like these can help upskill in the long run. See a full list here.

As an operator builds experience across these skills, they will have gained the entry-level requirements for modern manufacturing positions, such as overseeing robotic functionality.


How Veryable Can Help

Veryable can help operators find manufacturing and warehousing work today, to earn money all while learning valuable skills that can lead to a long-term career. Those aiming to improve their skill sets can do so, quickly, with the help of on-demand labor.

Operators have their pick of ops from warehousing to welding. Anyone from full-time freelancers, to working parents, to students, can choose ops that fit their own skillset, pace, and schedule. Operators are ranked on Quality, Proficiency, and Attitude, and receive an overall “reliability score” to let businesses know how they’ve performed in previous ops. The Veryable Operator app also includes milestones for operators to reach, such as working their first op and receiving their first 5-star rating, making the operator journey a motivating one. 

After working an op, operators are paid the next day. By being able to rely on quick payments, there’s freedom in learning new skills with the Veryable platform.

Taking on a career in modern manufacturing promises a bright future, and the skills to get there are readily available to learn thanks to Veryable’s business partners.



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