We performed a survey of our current customer base and found that our customers are overwhelmingly producing and sourcing within the United States. This is a result of our focus on our core mission of revitalizing US manufacturing. We’re resonating with a significant portion of the supply chain that wants to localize production and is ready to innovate to make it happen.

In the survey, which was displayed in our product to all current customers, responses* indicate:

  • 94% produce exclusively in the US
  • 86% say most of their suppliers are in the US, with 40% of all respondents reporting that all of their suppliers are in the US
  • 50% of respondents who produce offshore are either actively reshoring or plan to do so within the next five years

survey results infographic

We are thrilled to find these businesses aligning with our core mission. Our customers are proving that businesses can produce in the US and win by using the right tools and focusing on operational improvements. We have seen in case study after case study that our customers are reaping huge operational benefits (e.g. improved OTIF, zero overtime, gross margin increases) from adopting a flexible labor strategy.

Now that the reshoring movement is picking up steam, we hope to see more and more companies heeding the call to action. As we’ve noted in previous blogs, it’s long past time for the supply chain to step up and take back our productive capacity as a nation.

The greatest way you can start reshoring now is by adapting a flexible labor strategy. When you have to move from an LCC and your labor costs show up higher than they were before, you’ll be pressed to innovate with your labor model. A flexible labor strategy will enable you to remain competitive and adapt in real time to the changes in your business.

On-demand labor is the key to unlocking the operational flexibility and agility required to successfully reshore. Unlock flexible capacity today by creating a free business profile for Veryable’s on-demand labor platform.


*(n=101, ± 9.5%)

Steven Calhoun

Written by Steven Calhoun

Content Strategist