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Right Tool for the Job

Veryable Editorial Team
April 30, 2020
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Have you ever tried to fix something that required a tool or a part, but once you had the tool, you still couldn’t solve the problem?  I’m flashing back to trips between my house and the hardware store, after getting home and via trial and error, realizing I needed a different size, different brand, or different tool altogether.   

What's in Your Toolkit?

Now snap to a day in the life of an operations leader.  You have units that need to be shipped, assembled, manufactured, or all 3, TODAY.  Labor is a key element of getting it done.  What’s in your toolkit?  

  • Overtime:  The classic dual-edged sword.  Voluntary, and it’s the best thing since sliced bread (until it becomes an entitlement).  Mandatory, and you are on a fast track to high employee churn, low productivity, and diminished profit margins.  Oh, and chances are, you still won’t get the product out the door on-time. 
  • Over-hire:  Great, you can avoid overtime, but you are inherently paying people to do nothing for a portion of the day OR cutting people's hours (maybe even wrapping a bow on it and calling it Voluntary Time Off).  The latter is another fast track to high churn and low productivity, and the former is an open invitation to unnecessary safety and productivity issues. 
  • Extend lead times:  Nice, you bought yourself some time, but you may have also just lost a customer, lost a bid, and remember, you only bought some time, it still has to get done eventually.  Let me guess, you’ll use OT, to catch up, right?  Back to square one. 

What’s the Alternative?

You need a tool that won’t inflate your costs, will let you keep customers happy, and that is ready to go in real-time. If things were predictable, it would be a cake walk, but they’re not, so you need to react fast.   

Veryable is the tool you need for your operations.  You no longer need overtime when you have on-demand labor to bring in for a surge in demand.  You don’t need to hire more when you can have a labor pool of operators to match your labor needs.  The lead times are now shorter rather than longer.  

And our tool is only evolving.  In the upcoming weeks, we’ll be launching our Labor Intelligence platform that will teach you how to build your labor plan to efficiently run your operations.  It will show you how many operators you need in your building and allow you to bring them in with our on-demand marketplace for labor.  Essentially, we’re not only giving you the tool to help you succeed, but we’re showing you how to use it to its full potential.  Sounds like a win-win to me.  So what are you waiting for?

Thousands of distributors and manufacturers are trusting Veryable as the right strategy to keep their customers fulfilled and labor costs in check.

Join them by clicking here to create an account.

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Veryable Editorial Team

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