The modern business environment is continually transforming, from world events drastically changing consumer behavior, to rapidly improving artificial intelligence, which is making adaptability a critical factor for competitiveness.  Quickly adopting new ideas and practices, especially in this digital age, seems like an obvious strategy.  However, mature and established industries are typically more hesitant to change what’s been working well in decades past.  This is where a company like Diligent Delivery Systems stands out as an example of embracing new ideas in the centuries old industry of logistics.

Trailblazing in the Warehousing and Logistics Industry with On-Demand Labor

Since 2020, Diligent has used the Veryable platform to compliment their full time employees with flexible operators, in several of their warehouse locations across the United States.  By pivoting their labor strategy, Diligent has unlocked a level of operational flexibility and efficiency that would be unattainable with traditional staffing solutions.  This has translated into a drastic reduction in idle time and inefficiencies, allowing Diligent to pass cost savings on to their clients.

The cost savings Diligent has realized by using Veryable is through the agility to react to fluctuating demand, with precision.  By committing to the on-demand labor journey with Veryable, Diligent built a labor pool of operators tailored specifically to their needs.  With a fully-built labor pool, Diligent has been able to curate the precise number of operators, exactly when they are needed, to get work done without any wasted time or effort.  This precision is what separates Veryable from traditional staffing and temporary employment agencies, and is in part why Diligent can boast reducing client expenses by 17%-32%.  Diligent’s drive to maximize value for their clients is perfectly aligned with the goals of the Veryable Credential Program, for which Diligent has earned the esteemed status of Veryable Preferred Business.

Earning Veryable Preferred Business Status is not based on how long a company is on the platform, but more about how they use the tool.  Having a fully built labor pool is the master key to unlocking the full potential of on-demand labor.  The size and scope of Diligent's labor pool combined with the metrics on their ops activity indicate that they fully understand the value of a flexible labor force, and that they are leveraging the platform for all that it’s worth.  The stringent, data driven, performance indicators are what makes the Veryable Preferred Business status valuable, and why we are proud to celebrate Diligent Delivery Systems as a champion of the platform.

We are honored to be a key component in Diligent’s mission to redefine the standard of excellence in logistics services.  Their diligent utilization of the Veryable platform has unlocked new levels of flexibility, efficiency, and cost savings, and has rightly earned them Veryable Preferred Business status.  We’re looking forward to aligning even more closely with Preferred Businesses like Diligent Delivery Services as we improve and expand the Veryable platform.

Tim Seargeant

Written by Tim Seargeant

Tim is the Credential Program Lead, and supports business user growth initiatives, at Veryable. Prior to Veryable, Tim was the Marketing Manager at KRISS USA where he lead marketing for B2B and B2C channels, as well as marketing events coordination.