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Veryable Wins MHI Innovation Award at MODEX 2022

By Steven Calhoun on Apr 6, 2022 9:45:00 AM

Veryable won the MHI Innovation Award for Best IT Innovation, awarded March 30, 2022 at MHI Industry Night at MODEX. Veryable’s on-demand labor marketplace competed with many other participants and won based on the concept, value, and impact as judged by professionals from the material handling and supply chain industry.

The competition was intense at the largest MODEX ever, and there were many great products competing from among the 857 total exhibitors in attendance. Veryable emerged victorious after Jonathan Katz, regional partnerships manager, and Wes Wood, business development lead, represented the company by pitching its on-demand labor marketplace to the judges.

“It felt great when Veryable won the Innovation Award, because I see it as further validation that our solution is truly changing the way that businesses look at their labor strategy,” says Katz.

According to an MHI press release, the MHI Innovation Awards recognize products that create “quantifiable and sustainable results in terms of ROI, cost savings, [and] customer satisfaction.”

Veryable’s on-demand marketplace achieves these results by providing companies access to flexible labor capacity and coaching them on the best ways to get the most out of an on-demand labor concept. With local teams in offices across the country, the company is a true partner to its customers.

“We are evangelizing hard for industrial innovation, specifically on-demand labor, as the right first step in the innovation journey, because we believe in the value it creates instantly for businesses and the control it gives workers,” says Veryable CEO Mike Kinder. “It is great to see this recognized by this panel of industry professionals and I’m proud of our team for creating such an impactful product. We're tackling a very difficult operations problem and we’re doing it the right way.”

When companies use Veryable, they are in control of building their own flexible capacity by building a labor pool of qualified workers who can come work when they’re needed. When workers use Veryable, they get to make their own schedule and gain new skills while earning next-day pay.

Veryable operates on the foundational idea that flexibility and agility are the ways to win in manufacturing and distribution environments. Recent world events have highlighted the need in operations for a quick response to change more than ever before. Veryable’s mission is to revitalize US manufacturing, and its on-demand labor marketplace is doing just that.

Steven Calhoun

Written by Steven Calhoun

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