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Leveraging Expertise: The Importance of Industry Experience at Veryable

Shane Stewart
May 22, 2024
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Unlocking Operational Potential: Veryable's Approach Through Industry Experience

In the demanding arenas of logistics and manufacturing, industry experience is not just valuable, it's vital. It plays an essential role in building credibility, understanding customers' unique needs, and delivering solutions that resonate. This is the core belief held by the management team at Veryable, an on-demand labor marketplace for manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution.

At Veryable, the importance of industry experience is not just recognized but capitalized on to deliver solutions that are effective, adaptable, and above all, valuable to our customers. The collective experience of our managers spans a diverse range of industries. From aerospace and metrology to consumer product goods, chemicals, and industrial manufacturing. They have operated in roles across manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and operations in these varied sectors. This breadth of industry knowledge allows them to adapt and provide valuable insights to customers across different industries.

Through a series of interviews, Veryable's managers shed light on how their personal industry experiences empower their customer interactions and decision-making processes.

Bo Rinehart, one of the managers at Veryable, explains, "Having experience in the industry of whether it's manufacturing or warehousing allows you to have a more effective conversation with the operations leaders in these organizations." Bo's industry experience allows him to navigate in-depth discussions seamlessly, empathize with customers' challenges and offer valuable insights.

Austin Walker echoed this sentiment: "I wanted to have the opportunity to be a part of the solution... I enjoy what I'm doing at Veryable because I'm helping people solve a problem." Austin’s job satisfaction comes from applying his industry knowledge to solve real problems for customers, reinforcing the value of industry experience.

Going a step further, Michael Kavaky highlights how his industry experience aids in relating to customers' pain points. "I'm speaking to people that were in positions that I was in and really using my knowledge of those positions to help them understand what Veryable has to offer."

Likewise, Pat Dippel, adds, "If I don't have some at least a base level understanding of what you go through on a day-to-day, then I can't truly help you." Rich Tompkins, too, underscores the necessity of this comprehension, saying, "Industry experience is critical... unless you've been in a plant or any manufacturing facility before, it's gonna be really difficult to adequately convey the value prop that we can help alleviate."

All of these insights converge towards one fundamental idea: the power of industry experience in understanding customer challenges, crafting tailored solutions, and building lasting credibility. At Veryable, the combination of deep industry knowledge and a consultative approach allows managers to provide value-added services that effectively address the needs of their customers. At Veryable, we don’t just believe in the importance of industry experience; we live it.

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Shane Stewart

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