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How To Place Bids That Get Picked

Veryable Editorial Team
November 15, 2022
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Are you a new operator using Veryable, wondering just how to make the perfect bid that will actually get picked?

Keep reading, we’ve got the perfect recipe for being noticed, and being well on your way to upskilling as an operator.


Complete All Prerequisites– Even Optional Ones

There are some standard things you’ll need to complete before you can start placing bids. You’ll need to complete your background check, fill out tax forms, and set up your Vault account in order to get paid. The last prerequisite is technically optional, but completing this step will make you a 5-Star Operator before you ever complete an op: Get a 100% on the Operator Quiz.

The Operator Quiz is your key to learning best practices for using the Veryable app to find ops. You’ll be quizzed on terminology, do’s and don’t’s, and how to use your Vault account. If you have not worked an op yet, getting a 100% on this quiz will give you the status of a 5-star operator. As soon as you finish your first op, your score will be replaced with the score you receive as a review from the business.

Being a highly-scored operator will help you stand out in the crowd, and will help you get more ops, so keep those ratings high!

Keep A Close Eye on Your Profile

Always make sure that your profile is up to date with your skills, certifications, and experience. Just like in any other industry, your best shot at looking capable and knowledgeable on paper will come from a great resume.

Add your skills to your profile. If you have any experience in warehousing, assembly, welding, forklift operations, driving, testing/inspection, engineering, administration, tooling, and/or machining, include it in your profile. Don’t forget to add your experience level in each skill– this just might make you a stand-out candidate depending on the op.

Add your certifications, such as OSHA, Welding, Forklift, or any other professional certifications you’ve obtained.

List previous companies, previous industries, any military or student status, and any Spanish-speaking proficiency. 

As your skills increase, or you obtain more certifications, keep these up-to-date on your profile. The more experience the better!

Place Competitive Bids

New operators should be aware that the Veryable platform is competitive and consistently growing. That being said, your bid matters as much as any other operator’s and you should know what will make it stand out among the competition.

New operators should always bid on ops that are within a driveable distance and don’t overlap with other ops. Also, check which ops are multi-day vs. single-day ops, and make sure you’ll be able to accommodate either option. Bid on multiple ops at a time to up your chance of being selected. After all, it’s usually not a great idea to put all your eggs in one basket when it comes to finding work.

Typically, a new operator with a limited skillset should bid lower dollar amounts on ops until they have adequately gained skills that will allow them to up their price. This will show your willingness to gain experience and new skills. Over time, as you gain certifications and lengthen your resume, you will typically be able to bid higher and higher with more of a chance of having your op chosen.

If you’re wondering where you can take your skills in the future, check out our blog about the Modern Tradesman. You’ll learn just how valuable this industry can be!

Are you ready to get to work on your own terms? Sign up for Veryable today to find jobs in warehousing, manufacturing, and operations in your area.

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Veryable Editorial Team

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