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How to Excel at Your First Op (Checklist and Tips)

Veryable Editorial Team
June 9, 2021
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You’ve bid on your first Op, and when your phone lit up with the notification that your bid was accepted, you felt a little excited and a little nervous. You want to do your best on your first Op to make a great impression, but you aren’t sure how this whole thing works just yet. We know the feeling, and you’re not alone there. At Veryable, our operations coordinators talk to hundreds of Operators every day who are excited and probably a little nervous to work their first Op.

In this article, you’ll learn how to prepare so you can excel at your first Op.


1. Reread the Op description

Once you’ve been accepted, it’s good to review all the details of the Op. There might be equipment you need to prepare, like steel-toed boots or work gloves. And you will want to be sure you’re headed to the right place, wearing the right thing for the job. Lastly, check for contact information in the Op description in case you have questions.

Warehouse worker using smart phone to access Veryable while working in warehouse distribution center logistics 2023 us manufacturing reshoring

2. Plan your transportation

Double check the location of the Op and have reliable transportation arranged. It’s important to do this before you confirm that you’ll attend the Op. If you aren’t sure you’ll make it, it would be better not to accept the Op.


3. Confirm you will attend the Op

You need to confirm that you will be attending the Op so the business knows they can count on you to be there. You can do this easily in the mobile app after your bid is accepted and you have reviewed all the Op details.


4. Before you leave, make sure the Op is still scheduled

Sometimes, a business will cancel an Op because it doesn’t need any more workers that day. Make sure the Op is still scheduled before you leave for the day, otherwise you might show up without any work to do.


5. Plan to arrive a bit early to the Op

It’s important to plan for arriving a little early to each Op, especially if it’s in an area you haven’t been to before. There’s a lot of things that could delay you, like traffic or finding your work area to get set up for the Op.

Because you’re paid for the work you do, being late could impact how much you are paid for the day. Be sure to plan for arriving a little early so you can get to your work on time without feeling rushed.


6. Check in at your work area

Always enter the building where the Op description says you should. If you’re working an Op at a company that described somewhere or someone to check in with, make sure you do this, too.

Because you’re paid for the work you do, it’s important that the business knows you are there and doing the work. Different businesses keep up with this in different ways. You should always follow what the Op description says to do if you want to be sure that everything will go smoothly.

on-demand worker in helmet and jacket shaking hands with warehouse operations supervisor after arriving at facility logistics distribution center

7. Work your Op and get paid the next day

Once you’ve arrived, do your best work and fully complete the Op. When you’re done, make sure you follow any instructions in the Op description for checking out (if there are any).

After you’ve worked and the business has confirmed it, you’ll get paid within one business day. There are rare exceptions to how quickly you will get paid, but if you encounter any issues, contact the local operations coordinator at Veryable.


Have more questions?

If you have any more questions about how to excel at your first Op, check out our Operator Help Center. There are help articles for your first Op and beyond in this easy to use knowledge base.

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Veryable Editorial Team

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