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Closing the Skills Gap

Jeff Wells
October 1, 2018
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The skills gap problem

The manufacturing industry is booming, and soon there will be more jobs than workers.   Where have all the workers gone?  They are retiring at an alarming rate, and the manufacturing industry has failed to appeal to the younger generations. Traditionally, manufacturers have looked to technical schools, unions or apprenticeship programs to provide skilled labor. The problem with these traditional models is they aren’t working for the new workforce.  The training and apprenticeship programs are too long, too expensive and have too much turnover.

The Veryable solution

So how can a business in today’s environment solve their skills gap problem? 

There are really only 4 solutions:

  • Expand manufacturing to a new group of workers: The Veryable model is already bringing a younger, more diverse group of workers to the manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing sectors.
  • Increase the capacity of current skilled workers: The Veryable model enables businesses to bring in general laborers to free up the time and capacity of their skilled workers to complete the high value tasks. 
  • Train general laborers for your skills needs: The Veryable Elite Skills Training (VEST)* program is designed to help businesses connect with workers trained specifically for the business’s labor needs. 
  • Pay above-above market rates: Businesses don’t have the ability to pay above-market wages, and the Veryable model doesn’t require them to do so.


The Veryable Elite Skills Training (Vest) Program

The VEST program is a new program designed to help businesses connect with workers trained specifically for the business’s labor needs. Veryable has partnered with Meritize to offer free training programs to the workers on the Veryable platform in skills such as welding, machining, and commercial driving. How are these training programs different than traditional training programs or apprentice programs?

Cost: Free to both the workers and the businesses. 
Time: Training programs can be completed in as little as 6-8 weeks. 
Skills: Training programs are geared toward the specific needs of the business. 
Commitment: Workers must remain in the VEST program for a minimum of one year.

As you can see, the Veryable model is able to solve the skills gap problem for businesses using a multifaceted approach.  

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Jeff Wells

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