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Building a Better Workforce

Jeff Wells
September 12, 2018
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In order to succeed in the manufacturing, distribution, and warehousing sectors, businesses must be focused on one thing…consistency.  Whether it’s in their processes and procedures, supply chain, distribution channels, or the final product, consistency must be maintained for the business to reach its full potential.  With that said, you can’t have consistency in your business without consistency in your workers.

What Do Businesses Really Want From Their Workers?

warehouse worker wearing gloves while inspecting produce for defects and damages at food processing facility

What does a “consistent” worker look like? 

According to a study conducted on behalf of Career Builder, consistent workers have the following traits:

Work Ethic: Businesses want workers who strive to get the job done with little oversight in their daily work activities.

Dependability:  Businesses want workers they can rely on to show up to work on time and ready to work every day.

Self-Motivation:  While it may be a manager’s job to keep their employees motivated, it makes the manager’s job a lot easier if their employees are motivated each day to get the job done on their own.

Good Attitudes: No one wants to be around a person with a bad attitude, and bad attitudes can bring down the morale of the entire team.

So how do you find those traits in your potential workers?  The traditional employment model of reviewing resumes and interviewing candidates doesn’t work, because it is unable to assess the qualities that lead to a consistent worker.  In fact, Inc. predicts that the job interview model will soon be extinct. The good news, however, is that there is another way…Veryable.


The Veryable Solution

warehouse workers in orange vests and hardhats standing in line during meeting at us manufacturing factory

How is Veryable able to help businesses build a better, more consistent workforce when traditional employment and staffing companies have failed to do this for so many years?  It’s simple...The Veryable model leads to a workforce that is:

Rated:  Much like your Uber driver or your favorite restaurant on Yelp, the workers (we call them “Operators”) on the Veryable platform are rated.  Each time an Operator completes their work, the business is required to rate their performance in four categories:  quality, safety, attitude, and timeliness.  This rating system allows the business to know exactly what type of worker they are getting before the Operator shows up to work.

Accountable: The Veryable rating system requires Operators to perform well at each work opportunity in order to get good ratings.  Good ratings lead to more work and potentially higher pay.  Because of this, Veryable Operators have a better work ethic and are more dependable and motivated.

Driven: The Veryable model encourages flexibility for workers on the platform.  According to Forbes, flexibility leads to a more efficient, focused, and innovative worker.  Driven workers are dependable workers.

Satisfied: Veryable Operators are able to take charge of their careers by choosing when and where they want to work.  Each time an Operator accepts a work opportunity, they are making an affirmative decision to work for that specific company on that specific day.  This leads to the Operator having more control over their career, and thus, a more satisfied worker.

**Diverse:  **The Veryable model allows a new group of workers to participate in the manufacturing workforce, and this group is both younger and more diverse than traditional manufacturing workers.   Having workers that are diverse in demographics, personas, and skills has been shown to improve employee dependability, motivation, attitudes, and work ethic.

Building a labor pool full of workers that are accountable, satisfied, and diverse will lead to a better, more consistent workforce.  If your business is looking for consistency in its workforce, it’s time to try a new method.  To get started building your own labor pool of Veryable Operators, create your free business profile at: company.veryableops.com

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Jeff Wells

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