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Beat Layoffs With Flexible Labor

Veryable Editorial Team
January 6, 2023
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Unfortunately, layoffs happen. In America, about 40% of workers will experience a layoff at some point in their careers. No matter the industry, when times are tough and your business has pinched pennies in every other category, it can lead to having to show valuable employees the door. Even though it’s “just business”, the effects of layoffs will always carry a personal effect– not only to those let go, but also to those continuing to keep operations running on the inside.

The reality is that just because a business can’t continue to sustain a certain number of full-time employees, the same level of work usually needs to continue to be done in order to stay open. Instead of expecting the remaining team to shoulder the load, there are some options. Let’s get into it:

Minimum Headcount Only

If you’ve already completed layoffs, you’ve probably decided to keep full-time team members that are immediately essential to your needs. This is what we call “Leveling To Your Minimum Demand”. On a slow day in the operations industry, this works fine to keep fulfillment running smoothly.

But on any day when demand exceeds your labor supply, you as a manager will have certain choices to make. Do you ask your team to work overtime? Do you ask for help from other departments? While these options might help in a pinch, there’s no reason they should continue to be your long-term solution. Burnout, incomplete tasks, and increasing turnover are all consequences of poor planning that can easily be avoided.

Instead, there needs to be a solution that you can implement on short notice. Luckily, it already exists and may be exactly what you need to keep everyone happy– even those affected by layoffs. Enter, on-demand labor.

The On-Demand Solution

Veryable is the on-demand labor solution that helps businesses in manufacturing and logistics connect with operators flexibly and efficiently. On a daily basis, businesses can meet their headcount needs as demand scales up and down. After consistently implementing on-demand labor in your operations, your business will be able to create a labor pool full of operators who are familiar with your operations so that on busy days, there’s no learning curve.

If your warehouse, plant, or fulfillment center has faced recent layoffs or may have to make some tough decisions soon, on-demand labor provides those who were laid off to continue to find work. On days when your business is not in need of additional workers, operators in your labor pool are free to bid on other local opportunities. Since operators using Veryable are independent contractors, there is no overhead involved for benefits, overtime, or consistently scheduled work.

In a world where uncertainty runs rampant, an on-demand solution provides businesses and individuals with the flexibility they need to continue to thrive. Learn more about what makes on-demand labor a good fit for your business here.

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