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The first thing you have to do when solving a problem is to define it. 

In operations across the U.S., Operations Managers, Executives, and HR Professionals are continuously bewildered by their stagnant revenue, less-than-stellar productivity, an inability to grow.

We've compiled a list of the top categories with which manufacturers have the most issues and the highest potential to improve. 

These categories are as follows:

  • Labor sourcing/labor costs
  • Productivity
  • Demand planning
  • Revenue growth
  • Process improvement

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Monday Motivation

Labor Sourcing

The tumultuous world of temp firms and never ending paperwork.

Skip the headaches. Staffing firms recycle the same unqualified workers month after month. Learn about your workforce, how to fight turnover, and why a labor pool might be right for you:


Demand Planning

Nobody can tell the future.

But that's what you're attempting when you try to predict and forecast your demand needs weeks ahead of time:


Revenue Growth

This one is pretty self explanatory.

Every business is trying to grow in many different ways. But growing revenue is the most fun. An increase in your bottom line may be easier than you think:


Process Improvement

The way your warehouse runs sets the tone for everything that follows.

If your process is not the most efficient and effective, what is the point of keeping said practice? Don't be intimidated by changes in technology or daunting jargon. We make it easy to understand:


Operator-facing resources

Our operators work hard, get rated, and get paid the next day.

If you downloaded our app or are thinking about giving it a try, read these to understand just how much your potential can increase: