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What is MFG Day?

Launched annually on the first Friday in October with events that continue throughout the month, MFG Day helps show the reality of modern manufacturing careers by encouraging thousands of companies and educational institutions around the nation to open their doors to students, parents, teachers, and community leaders. MFG Day empowers manufacturers to come together to address their collective challenges so they can help their communities and future generations thrive.

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Manufacturing Through A Marketplace

Manufacturing has come a long way from traditional shop floor functions. In recent times, we learn that most manufacturing jobs can fluctuate in labor from time to time depending on the project at hand and it can be very difficult to find quick replacements. We also learn that for people looking for a manufacturing job, the process can be very long and the commitment times will vary thus causing you to burn out quickly. With Veryable there is a win for both markets. 

Our platform allows both the business and the worker to fulfill Ops in one set marketplace. As an operator, you have the ability to fill your resume with experience, build a great reputation with fellow manufacturers, and gain skillsets as you use our platform. MFG Day is a day that allows us to highlight the many great jobs, skills, and environments that modern manufacturing continues to bring to the market. Veryable continues to hold its core values in providing manufacturing ops that not only allow you to work and get paid the next day, but our platform has many great benefits and resources to help you grow in the process.

Our MFG Day Virtual Event gives you an in-depth look into what it means to be an Operator using our platform, and what it means as a business to use our platform.

Voices of Veryable

We sat down with Angie Turner, Benji Nelson, and Emily Tompkins, all members of the Veryable team, to learn about all the ways that operators are using the Veryable platform to meet their financial needs, learn new skills, and change their future. We also sat down with Operators from around the country to learn about their experiences on Veryable. Josh Montgomery, Ursula Hill, and the Cordier family tell us where they come from and how they’re using Veryable to change where they’re going.

Moving into Automotive

Learn more about the excitement and innovation going on in the Automotive Industry. We sat down with team members from ADAC Automotive, Antolin, Feniex Industries, Metal Flow, and Veryable to talk about their experience and their passion for the Automotive industry.

Partnering with Veryable

We sat down with Josh Mote, the Regional Partnerships Manager here at Veryable, to discuss what we look for in our partners and how they serve the members of our community. We also sat down with Maureen Donohue Krauss and Sarah Gregory of Detroit Regional Partnership, John J. Walsh of Michigan Manufacturers Association, and Alexis Flores of Austin Regional Manufacturers Association to talk about the amazing things they're working on.

Mack Tool & Engineering

Precision Machining 

Learn about Mack Tool and how they use their machining technologies to create parts that go to outer space and even ones that go within our bodies. They discuss the importance of precision, teaching, and learning in order to provide the best experience for both their workers and their clients. In this video, you will hear from Micky Raynoha, Eli Campbell, Alberto Velazquez, and Jeff Flowers. 

IVY Tech

Partnering To Give Opportunities 

Ivy Tech is the nation’s largest single accredited community college with over 19 campuses that span across the state of Indiana. They are well known for its great manufacturing programs that focus on advanced manufacturing, automation, robotics, and more! Veryable has partnered with Ivy Tech to help give our operators the training and skills they need to be more successful in the modern manufacturing world! Ivy Tech allows our operators to get free accredited courses with a schedule that enables them to work ops and get paid the next day! In this video, you will hear Matt Presley, the executive director of Ivy Career Link, discuss this partnership. 


Metal Source 

Recycling With Structure

Metal Source provides high-quality metal resources by recycling a variety of scrap metals that range from public to commercial. This metal is used for engine blocks, hospital building structures, and many more. Metal source is a company that consistently gives opportunities and allows marketplaces such as Veryable to provide ops for our users. In this video, you will hear from Scott Leankenau, Cory Floyd, Cameron Beauchamp, and Colin Whitman. 


Wabash County

Scaling Opportunity with Veryable

The goal of Wabash County is to bring back and continue the growth of the manufacturing workforce within the county. This partnership with Veryable provides an opportunity for those who either want to test the waters in manufacturing, want to continue their path in the gig economy, or want to pick up where they left off without full-time commitment. In this video, you will hear from the Grow Wabash County CEO and president Keith Gillenwater talk more about this opportunity.



Industrial Packaging & Automotives

Intertech creates industrial needs that can start from just raw materials and be formed into something amazing. They take pride in manufacturing high-quality products ranging from paper wrappings to insulated truck parts. Intertech fosters the modern tradesman who seeks multiple opportunities to grow their skills and rapport through working at different manufacturing sites. With Veryable, Intertech can posts ops for those who want to do day shifts while teaching them something new. In this video, you will hear from Kathy Carney, Luke Crouse, and Dalanda Straka


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