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The Future Of Manufacturing And Logistics Is Driven
By People.

Business execution must empower people to create and sustain competitive advantage through these pillars:
customer first, asset-light, localized, and responsive.

The current American labor model is broken

The manufacturing and logistics industries are understaffed by as much as 20% due to changing demographics and skills gaps. Industry businesses are challenged to find a reliable labor model that empowers them to respond to customers and exceed their expectations.

Find Reliable Labor


What’s holding you back from increasing operational efficiency?

  1. The work not being presented intuitively to empower people and build in quality.
  2. Lacking integration of technology to assist workers. 

On-Demand Labor Model

Find labor when a business needs it to meet customer demand. No more hesitation to accept customer orders due to not having the people available.

What is on-demand labor?

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Benefits Of Building A Labor Pool

This is the extra capacity for your workforce you’ve always wanted but did not have an easy way to create and maintain. Your labor pool is the group of local workers who’ve worked in your facility that you can reach out to on short notice to meet your customer demand.

What is a labor pool?

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On-demand Labor vs Traditional Staffing

Which is right for a business will be determined by its needs. Each has its purpose: on-demand labor addresses customer demand volatility, and traditional staffing supports filling FTE roles.

  • On-demand labor creates ability to schedule labor to the work
  • On-demand labor offers self-selection opportunity for Operators and businesses to create labor opportunities
  • On-demand labor has no minimum usage commitments or requirements
  • On-demand labor platforms deliver visibility to ratings and work history
  • Traditional staffing companies are good for meeting baseload staffing levels
  • Traditional staffing companies make available who is on their local rosters to the local businesses
  • A common practice of traditional staffing companies is to request minimum usage hours
  • Traditional staffing companies have a resume book and work experience with the firm for review

Capture revenue growth and operational efficiency with on-demand labor

Driving down labor costs and delivering customer delight are the results of on-demand labor created by ability to schedule people to meet customer demand when and where they need it.

Address production issues

  • Respond to customer order backlog
  • Pick up production after supply or quality issue
  • Complete ad-hoc projects and find support labor

Respond to demand variation

  • Maintain competitive, low lead times
  • Grow revenue by accepting orders you would have normally declined
  • Respond to demand and not worry about forecast accuracy

Drive labor costs down

  • Reduce company burden to onboard and train labor
  • Convert to a piece work labor model
  • Manage productivity loss with by driving to a minimal FTE headcount

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