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Keepin’ it in the Family:

The Veryable Credential Program

The Operators’ Club needed a breaker box as soon as possible, but they could not find a company to produce a box sooner than 120 days. They turned to Veryable and used their vast network of Preferred Businesses in their Credential Program to have a box delivered to them within a week! Keep reading to learn how your company can utilize the Credential Program.

The Operators' Club is a new restaurant being opened in Dallas' famous West End by restaurant veteran Chris Bohn. The Operators' Club will serve as a place of community and camaraderie for blue collar workers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but will be open to everyone. The restaurant will be located in the historic Coca-Cola building and has required extensive renovations to make the old building fit the new restaurant's design. The construction process had been going on for months, but hit a snag when the establishment needed a custom breaker box to meet the demands of the restaurant, as well as city construction code. The quickest amount of time a contractor could fabricate the box was around 120 days.

Thankfully, Bohn was able to find a vendor with a much quicker lead time through a list of credentialed businesses on the On-Demand Labor Marketplace provided by Veryable. Businesses use Veryable to improve operational flexibility and eliminate labor bottlenecks, which leads to happier customers. Veryable customers that have harnessed the power of on-demand labor to accurately match business demand with labor supply are issued a Veryable credential, highlighting them as a ‘Preferred Business’ on the Platform. This achievement equates to lower lead times, higher throughputs, fewer labor bottlenecks, and ultimately, a competitive advantage. Veryable introduced the Program to provide greater visibility of these highly efficient companies and to give them a way to show potential customers that they have the capability to deliver on time and on spec.

With ~6000 companies on the Platform, Veryable decided it was time to increase marketplace visibility and reward companies that efficiently match business demand to labor supply, and take our on-demand labor platform to the next level by creating a marketplace within a marketplace. Sourcing the breaker box served as a great test of the Program, since the Operators’ Club couldn’t wait 120 days for a breaker box. Bohn approached Preferred Businesses to fabricate the breaker box, similar to how businesses using Veryable can use the Program. Requests for quotes were sent to more than 30 Preferred Veryable users in the Dallas-Fort Worth area that specialize in sheet metal fabrication, in hopes of finding a company that could turn the product around quickly. Several companies responded with quotes, but City Electric Supply, which is a Preferred Business, won the bid with a competitive lead time of 5-7 days!

Bohn needed a quick turnaround on this product to remain on his timeline for launching his restaurant and City Electric Supply delivered on that requirement to win the business. This mutual success is the goal of the Credential Program, with the hope that many more Veryable users will find similar success.

The breaker box was delivered on-time and prevented a bottleneck from occurring and delaying other construction projects for the Operators’ Club. This is ultimately the vision of the Credential Program – to benefit good Veryable users by increasing visibility to similar businesses and connecting those companies to make each of them more competitive. Companies that use Veryable have many things in common, but more specifically, they all strive to provide better products for their customers. The Credential Program is here to highlight those businesses, allow them access to other highly efficient companies, and help them win business and retain their customers. We believe the success shared between City Electric Supply and the Operators’ Club this Spring highlights the first of many of these beneficial transactions.


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