When you think about supply chain management, you'd be forgiven for picturing lines of trucks, spreadsheets, and some serious-looking folks in suits. But what if I told you managing a supply chain is more akin to riding a wave on a surfboard?

In the ocean of economy, disruptions are those big, gnarly waves ready to wipe you out. If you're not prepared, you're going belly-up, my friend. But if you've got the agility of Kelly Slater and the resilience of a rubber duckie, you'll ride those waves like a pro. So let's wax up our surfboards and dive into the world of supply chain resilience, dudes and dudettes.

The ABC's of supply chain resilience

Think about resilience as your surfboard's balance and agility. It's that sweet spot that allows you to handle the gnarliest of waves (aka economic disruptions) without wiping out. It's your ability to twist, turn, and adjust your maneuvers to continue zipping along the pipeline of products and services even when the sea gets choppy.

Strategies to Hang Ten on the Wave of disruption

  1. Diversify your surfing spots: If you always surf the same break and a shark decides to call it home, you're in trouble. Similarly, depending on a single supplier is an open invitation to disruptions. By diversifying your supplier base, you spread the risk and keep those economic sharks at bay.
  2. Harness the power of the tech tide: Advanced analytics, AI, and machine learning are your high-tech surf forecast tools. They give you insights into upcoming swells (disruptions) and help you adjust your moves in advance. Plus, they give you a bird's eye view of your entire supply chain, so you can spot and mitigate risks early.
  3. Make some surfing buddies: A strong relationship with your suppliers is like having a reliable surf crew. Good communication, trust, and transparency are the keys to navigating those gnarly economic waves together.
  4. Stay loose and ready to adapt: Agile practices are the equivalent of a surfer's footwork. They allow you to pivot, adjust, and respond quickly to changes in demand or supply, keeping you on your board when the surf gets tough.

Veryable: Your Trusty Surfboard in the Sea of Supply Chain Management

Just like a seasoned surfer can't conquer waves without a trusty surfboard, a business can't navigate the choppy waters of supply chain management without a reliable partner. In swoops Veryable, your go-to for flexibility, agility, and resilience in supply chain management.

With Veryable, you're not just diversifying your surfing spots, you're getting access to a whole coastline of on demand labor ready to step in when the waves get wild. Our on-demand labor platform acts like an all-knowing surf forecast tool, helping you to adapt and meet demand, no matter how quickly it changes.

We don't just help you make surfing buddies, we ensure you're part of a community of businesses and workers who communicate, trust each other, and share transparency as their mantra. Your supply chain becomes more resilient because you're not going it alone, you're part of the Veryable crew.

And when it comes to staying loose and ready to adapt, Veryable embodies the surfer's footwork. Our platform provides the flexibility you need to respond to disruptions rapidly, maintaining balance and staying upright on your board.

Veryable isn't the wax for your surfboard; it's the board itself, essential for riding the waves of economic disruption. So grab your board, jump in with Veryable, and let's ride these waves together. As we say in the world of supply chain resilience - hang ten, dudes and dudettes!

Derrick Nyakweba

Written by Derrick Nyakweba

Derrick is the Marketing Lead at Veryable and is responsible for driving strategic growth marketing outcomes. Prior to Veryable, Derrick held various marketing roles in tech and CPG companies.