When it comes to operations, the only constant is change (and your morning coffee, hopefully!). Hard work alone won't cut it anymore. To climb the corporate ladder, you need to keep sharpening your skills. And here at Veryable, we’re not just on board with this idea, we’re driving the train!

That's why we're oh-so-excited to pull the curtains back on our shiny, new on-demand learning curriculum - the Individual Business User Certification. It's like a career advancement catalyst, just without the lab coat.

Giving You the Gift of Know-How

The Individual Business User Certification is your one-stop-shop for everything operations. It's like getting the keys to the operations kingdom, minus the heavy crown. With certifications in core operations concepts, we're setting you up to become the Picasso of the operations field. 

How to Get Started!

Continuous learning and development: that's the name of the game in operations. You've been saying it for years. Now, with the Individual Business User Certification, it’s easier than ever.

Get on board today and let’s take your career to new heights! To get started, simply log into your Veryable portal and navigate to the Veryable Academy tab to select your desired certification courses to enroll in and buckle up for the ride of your (professional) life.

We're not just redefining career progression in operations, we're making it fun.

We're offering you four fabulous certifications to choose from - sort of like a buffet, but for your brain (and much less messy). Let's break it down:

  1. Veryable Super User: It's like getting a VIP backstage pass for our marketplace. You'll discover all the secret features and tricks to make the most out of Veryable. No dark magic involved, we promise!
  2. Veryable Administrator: Learn how to be the puppet master of your team, pulling all the right strings for success. Understand all about our administrative functions and advanced features – because who said that only superheroes can have superpowers?
  3. Execution for Operations: Get the lowdown on how to plan and execute effectively from the Gandalfs of operations. Prepare to drive your business outcomes like Lewis Hamilton drives his F1 car.
  4. Demand Driven Planning: It's time to say goodbye to reactive operations and hello to proactive demand-based planning. It's kind of like having a crystal ball for your business, but way less spooky.


What's this Individual Business User Certification thingamajig?

Well, let me tell you! It's a super handy, on-demand, learn-when-you-feel-like-it program from the folks at Veryable. It's designed to push your career in operations into hyperdrive, or at least make your current job feel a bit less like rocket science. Certified courses and a crash course in maneuvering the Veryable labor marketplace - we've got 'em all!

Who's it for, you ask?

It's for the brave heroes of the operations world who spin the Veryable platform like a DJ spins records. These courses will arm you with the superpowers (disguised as skills and knowledge) you need to outrun the speedy Gonzalez of the operations landscape.

So, when did this superhero training academy... uh, curriculum kick off?

Our doors swung open to the future wizards of operations on June 16th, 2023.

And how do I get in on this action?

Hop onto the Veryable platform, mate. If you're already one of us, simply log into your Veryable portal and navigate to the Veryable Academy tab to select your desired certification courses to enroll in. If you're not one of us, well, it's time to join the league!

Aims, goals, objectives?

We want to see you sign up, enroll, and complete courses like they're Netflix series during lockdown. It's all about turning you into the operations superhero you were always meant to be.

What exactly am I signing up for?

A smorgasbord of courses on operations concepts. Think of it as your personal buffet of knowledge, designed to help you rock the operations field!

And why should I complete these courses?

Each course is like a shiny badge for your superhero cape, validating your skills and your mastery of the operations industry. 

Do I have to sell my Batmobile (aka pay) for these courses?

All of the courses are as free as a bird.

Can I take my sweet time?

Absolutely, mate! We know you've got to save the world and all, so our curriculum is on-demand. Learn at your own pace - no rush.

What happens after I conquer a course?

You get a shiny badge, a virtual pat on the back and validation of your expertise in the particular operations concept. It's like a gold star on your superhero profile that can help you climb the career ladder.

After you've done the hard work, aced a course, and got your shiny new certification (go you!), we encourage you to show it off to the world. Yeah, that's right! You've earned bragging rights. Flaunt your shiny new certification on LinkedIn - just as you would a fresh haircut. Share it in LinkedIn groups or professional forums - just like you'd share a photo of your cat wearing sunglasses. Or even drop it in conversations at networking events - as casually as you'd mention your invisible pet unicorn. Not only does this make you look like the superhero of professional development, but it also gives a shout-out to the stellar training provided by Veryable's Individual Business User Certification. Sharing your certification won't just spark conversations - it might as well start a fan club in your name!

Time to ditch the treadmill and strap on your rocket boots. Enroll today and get ready for lift-off! Your operations glory is waiting. And remember, we're here to make frantic Googling as extinct as the dinosaurs. 🦖

P.S. Don't forget your lab coat, because things are about to get experimental... in the best possible way! 🧪


Derrick Nyakweba

Written by Derrick Nyakweba

Derrick is the Marketing Lead at Veryable and is responsible for driving strategic growth marketing outcomes. Prior to Veryable, Derrick held various marketing roles in tech and CPG companies.