Jacob Shaffield

Jacob Shaffield

Jacob is the General Manager for Veryable in Central Kentucky and Southern Indiana – including Louisville, Lexington, and Evansville. Prior to Veryable, Jacob spent 20 years in logistics, marketing, ecommerce, and retail management roles – including as a VP for a furniture SMB and owner of e-commerce and brick and mortar retailers. With leadership from Fortune 10 to start-ups, he understands operational impact throughout the supply chain across many sectors.

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POV: VP Manufacturing - Furniture SMB (Embracing Big Orders for a Small Business)

By Jacob Shaffield on Jun 29, 2023 11:31:08 AM

You’ve worked hard to build your small business.  You’ve made a name for yourself and are building a brand.  An email hits your inbox.  It’s not an order.  It’s THE order.  A Fortune 500 company has decided to buy your product as part of a global rollout.  You’ve finally made it.  Then panic sets in.  How can we meet their deadline?  Can we meet the requirements of this order and keep our other customers happy?  Should we even accept the PO?

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