Gauthier Duval

Gauthier Duval

Gauthier has over 18 years of experience with lean, mainly in the automotive, pharma and electronics industries, and leads the Lean Center of Excellence at Veryable. Prior to Veryable, Gauthier occupied Senior Consultant and Project Manager roles in consulting (Growtth consulting Europe and Simpler Consulting) and was Manager of Training Operations at Lean Alliance, where he developed the Lean Engineering “black belt” program. He trained over 100 Lean Black Belts in Europe, the Americas and Asia. He was responsible for the introduction of lean management systems at MacLean-Fogg (company-wide) as Executive Lean Advisor, and at Hillenbrand (Global Functions) as Sr. Director, Hillenbrand Operating Model. He has led over 160 kaizens in 14 countries and over 100 Value Stream Mapping workshops. Gauthier holds an MBA from the University of South Alabama and a DESCAF (Masters in Business Administration and Finance) from ESC Pau (France).

Recent posts by Gauthier Duval

6 min read

Is Piecework a Lean Tool?

By Gauthier Duval on May 5, 2022 3:30:00 PM

While piecework is not as common as it used to be, perhaps you’re wondering if it would work in your business. For Lean practitioners especially, it’s important to consider how this would impact the culture of your workplace. Will workers still function as teams? Will productivity change?

7 min read

Value Stream Mapping: Trap or Treasure?

By Gauthier Duval on Apr 21, 2022 4:08:29 PM

Value stream mapping seems like a cryptic artificial constraint to the outsider, but it can actually be a powerful tool for your business. If you get past seeing this as a documentation exercise and explore the possibilities it exposes for operational improvements, you’ll see how a value stream map is worth your time.

Topics: Lean Methodology
5 min read

The Six Ideals of the Toyota Production System

By Gauthier Duval on Apr 1, 2022 11:00:00 AM

Many people know about the two pillars of the Toyota Production System (TPS): just-in-time and jidoka, and they probably know the two principles of TPS – continuous improvement and respect for people.

Topics: Lean Methodology
4 min read

Why Standard Work is the “Secret Weapon” of the Best Lean Companies

By Gauthier Duval on Mar 4, 2022 9:51:26 AM

In this blog, we’ll provide a solution to a common problem across all industries: insufficient standardization, leading to quality issues and inconsistent throughput rates.

Topics: Lean Methodology Operational Excellence
7 min read

Why Most Businesses Can’t Sustain 5S

By Gauthier Duval on Feb 2, 2022 3:24:10 PM

Want a real challenge? I challenge you to find a factory with more than 20 people that doesn’t at least try to apply 5S.

Topics: Lean Methodology
5 min read

Why Lean Culture is Key to Revitalizing US Manufacturing

By Gauthier Duval on Jan 21, 2022 9:50:17 AM

Lean companies talk about “respect for people'' as a key piece of the Lean mindset, but what does it mean? It means that those who are closest to the process and add value are the true experts when it comes to rapid and sustained kaizen and that the role of managers is to develop and empower them.