Derrick Nyakweba

Derrick Nyakweba

Derrick is the Marketing Lead at Veryable and is responsible for driving strategic growth marketing outcomes. Prior to Veryable, Derrick held various marketing roles in tech and CPG companies.

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Riding the Wave of Economic Disruptions with a Surfer's Balance: A Sassy Guide to Supply Chain Resilience

By Derrick Nyakweba on Jul 24, 2023 11:44:36 AM

When you think about supply chain management, you'd be forgiven for picturing lines of trucks, spreadsheets, and some serious-looking folks in suits. But what if I told you managing a supply chain is more akin to riding a wave on a surfboard?

In the ocean of economy, disruptions are those big, gnarly waves ready to wipe you out. If you're not prepared, you're going belly-up, my friend. But if you've got the agility of Kelly Slater and the resilience of a rubber duckie, you'll ride those waves like a pro. So let's wax up our surfboards and dive into the world of supply chain resilience, dudes and dudettes.

Topics: Operational Agility Recession Strategies
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Introducing Veryable's  Individual Business User Certification: Your Operations Career's Secret Sauce!

By Derrick Nyakweba on Jul 17, 2023 10:03:18 AM

When it comes to operations, the only constant is change (and your morning coffee, hopefully!). Hard work alone won't cut it anymore. To climb the corporate ladder, you need to keep sharpening your skills. And here at Veryable, we’re not just on board with this idea, we’re driving the train!

That's why we're oh-so-excited to pull the curtains back on our shiny, new on-demand learning curriculum - the Individual Business User Certification. It's like a career advancement catalyst, just without the lab coat.

Topics: Operations Management Professional Development